Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rampant Inactivity

Thank you to my 11 loyal followers (which now include Adam, a damn good Necron player, and great opponent)! I appreciate those of you who give some good feedback and advice. It's nice to have some other thoughts thrown into the mix.

As the post title may indicate, I recognize that I haven't touched my blog really in about a month. My excuse? Lots of good hobby and the end of my 2nd year at Frostburg. So, without further ado, let me catch you guys up on my gaming adventures and school escapades.

1. The most notable 40k hobby experience, as of late, was the Arkham Team Tournament hosted on Cinco De Mayo! Overall, the tournament went well, but there were some glaring issues. The points values were just too high. It made for very slow games and lots of rules questions came up. That's tough. People really wanted more points for the teams, but it was overall not a wise choice. The tournament did not end until about 1am. 0.0 People seemed to enjoy the competition, however, and there were virgin margaritas passed around with Latin music playing to celebrate the holiday. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd pairs were 2 Dark Eldar players, Daemons and Necrons, and Black Templars/Guard combo. Each team played well, and I think it was good on the whole.

2. After this tournament, I made a resolution to finally standardize Arkham 40k Tournaments. I wanted the system to be consistent so that people would be used to it. There would be no relearning the missions and tournament scoring systems. I created a survey to generate some opinions about the tournament scene, which led to some definite conclusions and changes. For Singles Tournaments, the points limit is 1,500. I think this is best considering the types of gamers we have at the store. 1,500 is a limit that you compete at, and it does not require a MASSIVE investment, which is an issue for many at the store. It also allows for Xenos to be on an even footing compared to Imperials imo. There were also some changes to sportsmanship (which is based on the Adepticon style of Good, Bad, Ugly) and more stricter rules on WYSIWYG and Conversions. The Team Tournaments will be 1,000 points per team member. I also added a strict 2 hour time limit for all games, in order to prevent long long nights. I plan to post my specific guidelines for folks to check out.

3. I also have been delving a little deeper into Magic: The Gathering. I have constructed a U/G Self Mill Deck, which I absolutely love. I also have built a couple other standard MtG decks, mostly to put my cards to good use :P. EDH is still my favorite format, for which I have created a Glissa G/B deck based around Big Creatures, Removal, and Artifacts. It should be fun.

4. I bought some very cheap, discounted Lord of the Rings Elf models, and I built and painted them up for a Blood Bowl for the next Arkham Blood Bowl league. Now that I understand the Balls-Ass-Ridiculousness of the game, I have a team, I believe, to be much better for my play-style. I also have dedicated Blood Bowl models instead of random Dwarves from my Warhammer Fantasy collection. 

5. The Arkham Fantasy Escalation League has now come to a close. My friend, Chris, won with his Ogres. I played a number of games of Fantasy, and while I definitely got my ass handed to me, I had a good deal of fun. I understand the game much better now, rules-wise and tactics-wise. Fantasy is a very fun type of game, but I think that it will never appeal to me as much as 40k.

6. Last real bit of gaming: Heroclix! I loved playing Heroclix with my good friend Alex, but as he and I moved on in life and became busy, the clix stayed in their box. A number of people at Arkham, however, have gotten into Heroclix, and Wednesday has become our default Clix-Off Day. We even did a draft! It has been a fairly fun side-game to get into.

7. A quick summary of my non-gaming personal life: I have nearly completed my 2nd year here at Frostburg. It has been a rough semester in terms of the workload, but the rewards are paying off. I have at least 2 confirmed As, and what I believe to be 3 more to be received. I have been active in the on-campus gaming club (I lied about non-gaming related. That's nigh impossible for me! :P ) that I established on campus, with 250 dollars worth of funding coming our way. I have been working a part-time job with the University Honors Program, which has been very beneficial for me. Now, I await returning home to my Magic: The Gathering crazed family and my old job at the Weis Markets.

And there you have it folks! Hopefully this monster post will suffice for time lost on posting. As the summer continues, there will be plenty of content to be added to the blog with Battle Reports, Opinion Pieces, and more coming down the pipe.

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  1. Congrats on the grades. I also returned to cardboard crack after a long hiatus with EDH.

    If you finalize your rules for tournaments, please post them. My FLGS could use some structure.