Saturday, May 26, 2012

Battle Missions 2- Black Crusade

Battle Report number 2! This one will be a little bit abridged, as I did not take as careful notes this game. The third battle report will likely be as well. Deal :P.

This Battle Mission I played against my friend PJ and his Deathwing. He mentioned using the Deathwing, and I asked for a game with my GK at 1,500. Deathwing IMO are the most brutal at 1,500. They hit their apex at this points level, due to the competition. How many armies can bring enough firepower to deal with 25 Terminators? Not many.

My Grey Knight list was the same as the previous game. PJ brought:
Belial: Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield
5 Squads of Terminators with Cyclones, Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shields, and the occasional chainfist.
2 Land Speeder Typhoons with Multi-Meltas

I don't know the exact points, but that was his army list. Damn.

Getting into the specifics of the Battle Mission. The deployment was essentially table halves with a 18 inch gap in the middle. Not bad, it was fairly balanced. The mission objective was kill points with a twist. Each infantry unit, when it dies, can return to the battlefield at full strength. 0.0 It counts as a kill point for each time that it died. Wow. That is kinda ridiculous. Even at that, it is still unclear. How do the units return? If they deep strike, can they deep strike? Outflank again?? We ruled you could deploy in any legal way that you would from reserves, as that's how the mission described it. Fine.

Here is the craziest part of the mission and a particularly awesome perk for me: Non-fearless units (i.e Not Deathwing) gain Preferred Enemy and Stubborn. Holy shit. That is awesome for me.

So we played the game. The first couple turns were not that exciting, some shots exchanged back and forth. I killed the speeders in quick order and he wrecked a razorback. Then the real shots came down the line from the unleashed Psycannons and Psyflemen. I was wrecking terminator squads, who then deep struck right back into the thick of it. I killed Belial twice with Psyflemen :P. All in all, it was a very fun game. Check out some of the pictures down below. I won that game 8-5 kill points.

My opinion of the mission: B-. The mission objective was fine, but there should be a greater clarification on the way that the regenerated unit returns to the battlefield. In addition, Preferred Enemy and Stubborn on non-fearless units are stupidly good. That turned fights with Terminators and my Strike Squads into a joke. That is far too good. That needs to be changed. Fun mission, but something that requires some preparation for.

Here are some pictures from the game:

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