Thursday, May 31, 2012

6th Edition 40k: My Thoughts

Well, it is official. The new rules set for 40k is going to come out sometime this next month or two. Wow. I don't even feel like 5th edition has lasted long enough to warrant a new rule set. Perhaps it is the slow and arduous process for a 15-20 year old income to support the hobby. It has become very expensive as time has elapsed.

For me, I eagerly anticipate the new rules set. It seems to me that Games Workshop would not alter the game in such a drastic way. 4th to 5th was a great improvement. Why shouldn't 5th to 6th be a similar improvement?

In any event, I will be playing 40k no matter how the new rule set turns out. I have invested too much time and effort into it to not continue to paint, play, and have fun. I have many friend groups based around the game, and I have no intention of losing them.

Keep your fingers crossed guys. I am hoping the game will be improved.

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