Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New 40k Project/Goal

A friend of mine made a New Year's Resolution to play 36 games of Warhammer Fantasy before the end of the year. With some help of myself and the Arkham Fantasy Escalation League, he has played quite a few! (You can do it Jake!)

I thought about this goal, and I felt that it was a pretty cool goal. I feel that playing more games is always a good thing, particularly because it helps you to become better at the game. So, I am taking the idea, but I am changing it up just a bit.

Recently, I have been looking through the Battle Missions book GW published a couple years ago to help bolster the amount of missions available to play. Many of them, on the surface, seem ridiculous, unbalanced, and potentially not entertaining at all. HOWEVER, I have decided that I want to play every last mission in the book, in order of listing. Once I get 1,500 points of Grey Knights built and table ready, I will be testing each mission. I may use different armies with the intention of using the racial based missions (i.e I have Tau, why not use Tau for the Tau based Battle Missions?)

In addition to playing each of these games, I want to make Battle Reports for each of them. That's right: Battle Reports. My Iphone has a fairly decent camera that is easy to use, so I figure, why not? It would give my blog some good material, gives me some ability to ponder my tactics and strategies, and I can give a better feel for the balance of each Battle Mission.

It may take some time to get this project off the ground, but I WILL complete this.. at least before I die :P

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