Friday, March 9, 2012

Magic: The Gathering - My Thoughts on Deck Building

So, as I promised to a reader, I am writing this post about how I go about deck building.
First, I consider the cards I have at my disposal. Frankly, the ideal deck is useless without the flimsy cardboard. I look for a pattern amongst the cards. Perhaps a useful mechanic, a color, a similar card type, or a combination will arise out of the collection.
From there, I create my win condition(s). How will I use these cards to win?
Then, I choose the best cards to achieve my objection and consider there usefulness. The more specific cards get put into a sideboard.
Next, I consider the mana curve. This allows for the cards to move into each other, flowing with the addition of lands. This also determines the number of lands I put into the deck.
Finally, I test it out by playing a bunch of games.
That is my strategy. :)

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  1. Right now I have 2 decks that can win against Sean's multitude of decks, but they cant beat Dad's deck unless he gets not enough mana or way too much mana. One is based on the Dark Sacrifice intro deck (Dark Ascension) with a few additions like Increasing Devotion and it seems to be the most powerful. The other is something I put together with all the red vamps I had. Most all of them get counters when my opponent is damaged and the other spells destroy creatures fairly well. The red deck is very simple and straight-forward with very little strategizing needed, find a way to do damage to my opponent and watch my creatures get bigger. The black and white deck requires some planning for optimum effect of sacrifices, etc. It has won against Dad even when he has no mana imbalance, but I usually still lose 2 out of three. I'm thinking I'll take the red deck to my first tournament for simplicity sake, but I'm really not sure.