Thursday, March 29, 2012

Imperial Love

Last night at Arkham, two of my buddies were playing a game of 40k. It was Dawn of War with Kill Points. One of the guys was playing Guard, and he deployed his entire platoon onto the battlefield. I commented that I think he deployed far too many units, citing the Rhino+Space Marines = 2 Troop Units.

We took a look at the FAQ, and they changed the wording to explicitly say that the entire platoon could deploy as one unit! Dang! That's crazy! It's not broken, but it's pretty useful.

This kinda goes with the current flow of 40k. I have been an Imperial player from Day 1. Grey Knight/Daemonhunters, to Space Wolves, to Space Marines, back to Wolves and now back to Grey Knights. There is an annoying pattern of inexplicable love for the Imperials and a distinct lack of love for the Xenos (Dark Eldar and Necrons(?) may be exceptions.)

GW! Make good Xenos rules and codexes!!!

PS. All Praise the Kelly!

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