Wednesday, February 22, 2012

World of Darkness

So, I have been on many different forums, been a part of several gaming clubs, but I have only heard of World of Darkness here at college. For those who may not know, it is a d10 system RPG based in a modern horror setting. There are many branch offs from the core set including vampires, werewolves, and several others. I have played vampire and werewolf, but werewolf is my current favorite. Has anyone else played WoD? Any thoughts on it?
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  1. I've never been able to warm to the "new" system despite a couple of tries. The new factions and powers just seemed very underwhelming and unable to provide much interest. Then again the World of Darkness setting was always less dependent on hack and slash mechanics and at its best when used to tell a story, and that probably hasn't changed much. With a good player group it can be a great system, but has the potential to get silly very quickly.

  2. My feelings are more or less the same. World of Darkness is one of those rare RPGs that, I think, relies more heavily on a common method of role-playing than others. People have to be vested in the story and its progression. This, unfortunately, makes story-telling for a WoD game to be incredibly difficult.