Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Tyranid and Space Wolf Models?!


A friend of mine posted this on the Arkham Facebook page, and I was completely stunned. I honestly had written off the missing SW and Tyranid models as never to be created. This is an awesome occurrence!

The coolest part is that I have been highly considering playing Tyranids for a while. I understand the lack of balance and the difficulties they have in the current meta. However, I have wanted another force of Destruction to play, and they have been high on my list. They are awesome models, and they look like they could be a lot of fun to play. It is a double-edge sword because I just liquidated my Space Wolves force. *Shrug* What can you do?

Thoughts on the new models?


  1. The Tyranid models match the art really well, but it is terrible for old players. New players can go nuts and buy everything.

    First, I had to rip all of the spinefists off my gaunts at the codex flip. Now, my tervigons are not useable because they are FAR too small for a trygon base since I based them off the old metal carnifex. It sucks to have to go back and keep drastically changing already assembled/painted models.

    I understand the Chapterhouse issue supposedly delayed the Nids release, but what is the excuse for Space Wolves' lateness? Is the same thing going to happen to Necrons now with Triarch Stalkers?

    For me and my Tervigons, GW could have at least released a proper base size for the tervigon, so I didn't waste my time basing it off a 60mm base.

  2. This issue brings up the double-edged sword of Privateer Press' proxy issue. Models are not seriously consider for competitive play until they are released due to the no proxy ruling in all competitive play.

    This ruling stifles many modellers, I know it does for me. On the other hand, I don't waste time, effort, on models that gets wasted when the official models are released.

    I don't know what I want the fair offer to be because I love converting things for GW games, but I am getting fed up with ripping apart my Tyranids.