Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lackluster Hobbying is Lackluster

As of recently, as I normally do, I have been contemplating the future of my hobbying. I have a BOAT-LOAD of painting to complete, which I definitely intend to do before starting any new projects. Not to mention, I need to get some more models in each of the forces before they are 2,000 points ready to play.

I hope that I will use this blog to motivate me to complete my damn projects! Completion in order of priority:

Grey Knights: While they are my most recent purchases, they are by far my favorite models. I just love the aesthetic of them. They will be painted like traditional Grey Knights, but instead of the red and white for the heraldry, I would like to use a Dark Angels deep green. I think that the silver combined with the Forest Green would look excellent. There are a number of models I still need to collect for this force, but they are my favorites so far.

Tau: They are so far the most painted (by my hand) force I have currently. I have a number of models that still need building. I really like my Tau; they are one of my favorite armies to play. I just need to get them built up! I also bought some models from a friend, and while they are very well painted, they need to be stripped down.

Daemons: They are in need of serious work. I also need to figure out a strong list for them. The Lord of Change will need to be working a miracle all over this force.

Scyrah: My Warmachine models! These will be super easy to complete as there are perhaps 20 models. The honest truth about them though: I will probably not be buying much more than my current collection. I also highly doubt I will be expanding into any other force. None of the other forces really appeal to me in any way. Sad but true.

So many models. So little time.

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  1. Let's see the models. Don't tease us.

    The best thing I ever did was start working on my models for at least 15 minutes a day. This lets me do the things that I hate like mold line cleaning or basing. The time really adds up, as opposed do doing nothing for weeks than spending an entire day working, where I get worn out of modeling.