Monday, February 20, 2012

40k Musings: Paladins or Terminators?

As I am building my tournament level Grey Knights list, I have been debating between a couple units I'd really like to have in the final build.

My most recent determination has been between 3 different units: Paladins, Grey Knight Terminators, and Mordrak's Ghost Knights. Here is my thinking for each one of them:

Paladins have a far superior stat-line. WS 5, 2 wounds makes for an awesome close-combat fighter. Combined with the ability to wound-allocate with random master-crafting and two Psycannons for 5 members is awesome. There are only two issues I see with this unit. 1. They NEED a Librarian with Shrouding. They are gonna absorb a ton of firepower from the enemy. That 3+ cover will ensure they last longer than 1 round. 2. Against shooting of Strength 8 or higher, the 2 wounds are useless. S8 shooting is not hard to come by in the current meta of 40k.

Terminators have a less superior stat-line and less wargear options, but they are much cheaper. They also don't care much about the strength of the shooting. Again, they are in desperate need of Shrouding. The one issue the Troop Terminators bring is the need for a higher number of them (10 ideally) for 2 Psycannons, and they have a much larger footprint on the board. This can be a burden or a useful tool depending heavily on the terrain.

Now the Mordrak plus Ghost Knights is an interesting combination in my desire for Terminators. The Ghost Knights have a far less expansive wargear list, but they come base with Stealth. Suddenly, the need for the Shrouding Librarian is gone! That is the best part about them. The spawning of Knights is less important, but the ability to have Grand Strategy and the ability to deep strike in key locations is amazingly useful. The lack of Psycannons and Critical Mass in terms of bodies are the main issues.

Any thoughts on this debate?

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  1. Issue 3 for Paladins.
    NOT FEARLESS; Vulnerable to Tank Shock.