Sunday, February 12, 2012

2/11/12 Valentine's Day Massacre!

Valentine's Day Massacre Results!
1st: Joshua Wojcik- 3-0 with 5,056 victory points.
2nd: Adam Growden- 2-1 with 6,312 victory points
3rd: John See- 2-1 with 4,893 victory points
4th: Chris Bonello 2-1 with 4,642 victory points
5th: Chris Briles 2-1 with 3,795 victory points
6th: Jarred Mace 2-1 with 3,258 victory points
7th: Tyler Lark 1-2 with 4,500 victory points
8th: Jordan Mace 1-2 with 3,160 victory points, won best sportsman!
9th: Dalten Fisher 0-3 with 3,157 victory points
10th Danny Higdon 0-3 with 2,450 victory points, won best painted!
A very successful tournament. Everyone had a lot of fun, and most of the issues were minor to say the least. In terms of the tournament set-up, victory points was an interesting way to score. I think it is a very one-dimensional system, but it can be very fun. 
A number of players did not like the bonus objectives, and I can see why that is true. It could totally throw off the balance of the victory points, based on killing particular units. There was a slight intention for that to be true, but I did not anticipate it totally. I will try to make more balanced scenarios in the future. 

Once again, people loved the parameter points! I think all tournaments hosted by me in the future will use the parameter points. 

PS. 2nd place, who also had the most victory points, was a shooting orks list. I have been poo-pooed so many times against the shooting orks list, and it did fantastically well! So ha!

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