Monday, February 20, 2012

1,000 points Dwarfs list

Dwarf Lord-250
D6 Wounds, 1+ armor, 6+ Ward Save runes
2 Dispel Runes
13 Longbeards-207
Full Command, Shields, Great Weapons
10 Thunderers-150
10 Thunderers-150

This list is as balanced as I could figure for a 1,000 point list. It's pretty fun to play too. What do people think of it? This will likely be my Escalation League list (which I am running at the Arkham Games store).

1 comment:

  1. As a fellow Dwarf player, but new mind you. I would say that you need more combat drops. Get some warriors in there. 13 Longbeards seem like they would get beaten down pretty quick, especially with shields. Even my Tzeentch HW/Shield warriors drop pretty quick and they have a better save than your LBs.

    -Drop Thunderers for Great Weapon Warriors
    -Drop the Engineer for runes, burning and or reloading
    -Downgrade the Lord to a Thane

    I also prefer the Organ Gun to the Thunderers due to not having to roll to hit.