Monday, February 27, 2012

Arkham Games Fantasy Escalation League

This Thursday, Arkham will start it's first Fantasy Escalation League. This is a casual event, intending to promote more Fantasy play at Arkham. We will start at 1,000 points and increase from there. Every week, I will post the rankings here on the blog.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Magic: The Gathering Game Day

Yesterday, on a bit of a whim, I went to the MTG game day. I brought my green/black R&R deck (ramping removal). I actually went 2-2 and I won 5th place! This gave me a promo card for the event.
While this is not the greatest of placements, this is the first time I have ever won any sort of official Magic event. It was nice for a change. I also traded for some pretty cool cards to enhance the deck further.
For once, I had fun playing Magic on a competitive level.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today I played two games of Fantasy at 1,000 points.
One game I played against my friend Kyle's Beastmen force. I couldn't handle the ambushing units encompassing me in the jaws of death. My gunners did very well that game, as did my Longbeards. I was pleased with the game, even though I lost.
I was able to play a second game versus my friend Jake's Orcs and Goblins. This was likely one of the best games of Fantasy I have ever played. It was very back and forth, but my Longbeards ran down his Savage Orcs, which turned the tide. I won that game, but it was hard fought.
The more I play Fantasy, the more I enjoy the game. It is very fun, and it is a great break from 40k.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Writing Bug has Bitten!

For those few who read my blog, you all may have noticed that I have been writing a lot more! Recently, I have found myself very bored and in need of some mental stimulation. This is where the blog comes in. I am hoping that writing my thoughts and ideas will spark some discussion/debate/new concept that I haven't considered before.

For those who read, thank you! For those who don't, well forget you! Just kidding. Read and comment please. Discussions are awesome. :)

World of Darkness

So, I have been on many different forums, been a part of several gaming clubs, but I have only heard of World of Darkness here at college. For those who may not know, it is a d10 system RPG based in a modern horror setting. There are many branch offs from the core set including vampires, werewolves, and several others. I have played vampire and werewolf, but werewolf is my current favorite. Has anyone else played WoD? Any thoughts on it?
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lackluster Hobbying is Lackluster

As of recently, as I normally do, I have been contemplating the future of my hobbying. I have a BOAT-LOAD of painting to complete, which I definitely intend to do before starting any new projects. Not to mention, I need to get some more models in each of the forces before they are 2,000 points ready to play.

I hope that I will use this blog to motivate me to complete my damn projects! Completion in order of priority:

Grey Knights: While they are my most recent purchases, they are by far my favorite models. I just love the aesthetic of them. They will be painted like traditional Grey Knights, but instead of the red and white for the heraldry, I would like to use a Dark Angels deep green. I think that the silver combined with the Forest Green would look excellent. There are a number of models I still need to collect for this force, but they are my favorites so far.

Tau: They are so far the most painted (by my hand) force I have currently. I have a number of models that still need building. I really like my Tau; they are one of my favorite armies to play. I just need to get them built up! I also bought some models from a friend, and while they are very well painted, they need to be stripped down.

Daemons: They are in need of serious work. I also need to figure out a strong list for them. The Lord of Change will need to be working a miracle all over this force.

Scyrah: My Warmachine models! These will be super easy to complete as there are perhaps 20 models. The honest truth about them though: I will probably not be buying much more than my current collection. I also highly doubt I will be expanding into any other force. None of the other forces really appeal to me in any way. Sad but true.

So many models. So little time.

New Tyranid and Space Wolf Models?!

A friend of mine posted this on the Arkham Facebook page, and I was completely stunned. I honestly had written off the missing SW and Tyranid models as never to be created. This is an awesome occurrence!

The coolest part is that I have been highly considering playing Tyranids for a while. I understand the lack of balance and the difficulties they have in the current meta. However, I have wanted another force of Destruction to play, and they have been high on my list. They are awesome models, and they look like they could be a lot of fun to play. It is a double-edge sword because I just liquidated my Space Wolves force. *Shrug* What can you do?

Thoughts on the new models?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wood Elves

As some may know, I recently acquired some Wood Elves from a friend for use in WFB.
After reading the codex, they are a very difficult army to play. I will go into the specifics of the units to try and perhaps figure out my list using them.
This, of course, will not stop them becoming my Blood Bowl team!
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Goliath Online

I have successfully integrated my blog onto my phone, via text or email. I may use this when travelling or am completely bored in class.

Warhammer 40k vs. Warmachine/Hordes

After having played a few games of Warmachine, I think I have a fairly good grasp on the mechanics and the rules involved. For most, it always seems to be Warmachine/Hordes vs. Warhammer 40k, which frankly is somewhat silly. They are two COMPLETELY different games. Perhaps I am misinterpreting the forums and flame wars on both sides, but I seem to get that vibe a lot. After playing both, I wanted to discuss my pleasure and displeasure with each, in order to inform someone looking into each. I advocate playing either! They are both fun and tactical table-top games. The similarities between them are loosely comparable, but they are very divergent games.

Warmachine/Hordes- The perks of this game are fairly obvious. Fewer models means a smaller initial and continued investment in the game. The single unit system is fairly interesting, and the rules use a lot more "realism" to make the game more tactical. The casters allow for a wide variety of play-styles and army compositions with just one faction. The factions are well balanced overall, although some factions have far superior units.
The main issues I have with the game overall are the scale and the models. While fewer models does mean less money, the grand scale strategy is far more interesting in my opinion. In addition, I find the Privateer Press models not nearly as impressive as 40k. The IP is also fairly weak, and it has little depth. Legitimately, the only reason I have my Scyrah is due my appreciation for the faction aesthetic and my slight hard-on for the elves.

Warhammer 40k- Certainly, 40k has a much larger audience to participate with, and it has some of the best IP in the Science Fiction world. It has a lot of awesome models, tons of different factions to play, and a rather large variety within the codexes. The main issue: Balance and cost. There are some factions that far outclass others, and the models are incredibly expensive. There are some wonky rules involved, but that is usually house ruled anyway.

Overall, I still really enjoy both games. They each have their own perks and downsides, but it seems silly to insist on one being better than the other. They are two totally different games, and you are allowed to play and enjoy both.

1,000 points Dwarfs list

Dwarf Lord-250
D6 Wounds, 1+ armor, 6+ Ward Save runes
2 Dispel Runes
13 Longbeards-207
Full Command, Shields, Great Weapons
10 Thunderers-150
10 Thunderers-150

This list is as balanced as I could figure for a 1,000 point list. It's pretty fun to play too. What do people think of it? This will likely be my Escalation League list (which I am running at the Arkham Games store).

40k Musings: Paladins or Terminators?

As I am building my tournament level Grey Knights list, I have been debating between a couple units I'd really like to have in the final build.

My most recent determination has been between 3 different units: Paladins, Grey Knight Terminators, and Mordrak's Ghost Knights. Here is my thinking for each one of them:

Paladins have a far superior stat-line. WS 5, 2 wounds makes for an awesome close-combat fighter. Combined with the ability to wound-allocate with random master-crafting and two Psycannons for 5 members is awesome. There are only two issues I see with this unit. 1. They NEED a Librarian with Shrouding. They are gonna absorb a ton of firepower from the enemy. That 3+ cover will ensure they last longer than 1 round. 2. Against shooting of Strength 8 or higher, the 2 wounds are useless. S8 shooting is not hard to come by in the current meta of 40k.

Terminators have a less superior stat-line and less wargear options, but they are much cheaper. They also don't care much about the strength of the shooting. Again, they are in desperate need of Shrouding. The one issue the Troop Terminators bring is the need for a higher number of them (10 ideally) for 2 Psycannons, and they have a much larger footprint on the board. This can be a burden or a useful tool depending heavily on the terrain.

Now the Mordrak plus Ghost Knights is an interesting combination in my desire for Terminators. The Ghost Knights have a far less expansive wargear list, but they come base with Stealth. Suddenly, the need for the Shrouding Librarian is gone! That is the best part about them. The spawning of Knights is less important, but the ability to have Grand Strategy and the ability to deep strike in key locations is amazingly useful. The lack of Psycannons and Critical Mass in terms of bodies are the main issues.

Any thoughts on this debate?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2/11/12 Valentine's Day Massacre!

Valentine's Day Massacre Results!
1st: Joshua Wojcik- 3-0 with 5,056 victory points.
2nd: Adam Growden- 2-1 with 6,312 victory points
3rd: John See- 2-1 with 4,893 victory points
4th: Chris Bonello 2-1 with 4,642 victory points
5th: Chris Briles 2-1 with 3,795 victory points
6th: Jarred Mace 2-1 with 3,258 victory points
7th: Tyler Lark 1-2 with 4,500 victory points
8th: Jordan Mace 1-2 with 3,160 victory points, won best sportsman!
9th: Dalten Fisher 0-3 with 3,157 victory points
10th Danny Higdon 0-3 with 2,450 victory points, won best painted!
A very successful tournament. Everyone had a lot of fun, and most of the issues were minor to say the least. In terms of the tournament set-up, victory points was an interesting way to score. I think it is a very one-dimensional system, but it can be very fun. 
A number of players did not like the bonus objectives, and I can see why that is true. It could totally throw off the balance of the victory points, based on killing particular units. There was a slight intention for that to be true, but I did not anticipate it totally. I will try to make more balanced scenarios in the future. 

Once again, people loved the parameter points! I think all tournaments hosted by me in the future will use the parameter points. 

PS. 2nd place, who also had the most victory points, was a shooting orks list. I have been poo-pooed so many times against the shooting orks list, and it did fantastically well! So ha!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting into some more Fantasy

So, I have been poked/prodded/bothered by a friend of mine to play more Fantasy. After much incentive, I intend to play some more Fantasy.

I bought some Wood Elves models from the same friend, and I am hoping to try them out. A number of folks have poo-pooed the competitiveness of the Wood Elves, but frankly, I do not care very much. They were one of the first armies I wanted to collect, and I love the aesthetic.

I intend to get some battle reports for Fantasy. With the ease of my Iphone for taking/downloading/moving pictures, I can get a number onto the report.

Of course, Warmachine will also be played!

Gay Knights Assembled

So, I have 20 Strike Squad Knights, 8 Grey Knight Terminators, a Librarian, and a converted Mordrak model completely assembled!

In terms of the rest of the army, I am not 100% sure what more I need. I think I need more Grey Knights to make into Purifiers and some Razorbacks. In addition, I need to find some solid twin-linked autocannon arms for my Dreadnoughts. Does anyone know of a good place to get them?

I am very excited to get this army completely finished. The models so far look AWESOME. There is so much detail and depth. These are gonna be fun as hell to paint.