Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brief Review of Chaos Space Marines Codex

This post is a little bit overdue, but up until recently, I haven't had a good chance to sit down with the codex and try to slam out a list. Now that I have, I have some general ideas about the book.

First of all, the change concerning the Legion Marines into Elites, which are unlocked by the Marked HQs, is interesting in several ways. While in terms of points it is not terribly burdensome, it does make some level of impact. For example, a list that wants to say infiltrate Khorne Berserkers will need, presumably Huron and a cheap Khorne Lord. It is a potentially awesome combination, but it still requires a bit of investment and planning in terms of list construction.

Somewhat linked to this topic, the Special Characters in the codex are pretty awesome. Lucius (who is one of my personal favorite characters in the 40k universe) still sucks ass, but the others got some definitely interesting bonuses. The fact that some characters have an inbuilt Warlord trait makes for some crazy combinations. I have heard some complaints that there are no new characters, but frankly, that doesn't really bother me at all. They got buffed overall, and that's the cool thing.

Another thing I have noticed is the overall decrease in points across the codex. Many options are cheaper, and they have a greater variety overall. The fact that Sergeants can all take combi-weapons and other cool options makes them all pretty neat. I think the codex has improved simply based on those point reductions.

Along with these benefits, however, there is one glaring issue I have with the codex: Champion of Chaos. I really HATE mandatory anything. I find it burdensome, and knowing my luck, it would be the reason I would lose a game. In addition, your Champion can become a Spawn or something else pretty stupid. Daemon Prince on a Champion? Awesome. Daemon Prince from a Lord? NO. Losing all equipment is kinda terrible. If I needed an HQ Daemon Prince, I would have just bought one myself.

Overall, it's a very fun codex that has some great benefits. Plenty of vehicles, flyers, and some anti-flyer built into the codex. Any fan of the Chaos Marines will definitely bring them back out onto the table.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Painting vs. Sportsmanship

On the Facebook event page, an attendee made a request to switch the order ot tiebreakers and place sportsmanship above painting. My response on the matter went along the lines of this:

Both scoring systems are fairly subjective. This is a simple fact that cannot be overcome. Opinions on Art can vary greatly, with no little reasoning beyond personal gut feeling. Sportsmanship is also a very subjective aspect; people may or may not get along with another person based on some past history or misunderstanding. There may also be some unexplained circumstances that could be bothering the poor sport in question.

The reason I believe painting should be placed above sportsmanship is overall very simple: Painting has more concrete details and effort put into the score. A judge can go through and notice the different techniques used on a model. They can notice the wash, highlights, lining, transfers etc. These are concrete objective techniques used that allow a judge to make note of effort put into the model. Regardless of overall quality or feeling generated by the army, a judge can at least base scoring on the complexity of the techniques used. In addition, the same judge reviews each of the models and armies, at least in this case. I have a certain rubric in my own head concerning the things I am looking for in the models.

Sportsmanship, however, has a number of the opposites playing against it. There is often a lack of concrete details in "sportsmanship." It can mean drastically different things for different gamers. To me, for example, I can enjoy a more serious game-focused individual, but I don't mind a gamer that is willing to crack a joke. I care more about his interactions with the rules and how he works to handle disputes. In addition, the attendee mentioned the idea that the "majority" felt the gamer in question was a good sport. The reality is: the majority doesn't get a say. Scoring for sportsmanship is based on the individual games played, so only 3 people give a score. These three people may have drastically different thoughts about a good gamer.

So, overall the distinction is simple. Painting is much easier to judge objectively, particularly when looking for completion, details, and advanced techniques used. Sportsmanship does not have these objective qualities, so it becomes more difficult to score. They both are important in terms of winning the tournament, and they both factor into ties. There is a specific set of reasons, however, that one is placed over the other.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Conclusion of my Fall 2012 Semester

As of today, I have completed my last day of classes for college this semester. I have learned a lot in all of my classes, and I have found out some details I'd rather not have figured out.

It is unfortunate to me that the humanities classes are so subjective. There is an unfortunate lack of standardization for the study, and it does genuinely irk me. It would not be so difficult that a department could sit down and collaborate to create a rubric. It has definitely taught me that I NEED to create a rubric for my own English classes, once I begin teaching.

The one benefit from this semester: I have found my writing improving immensely. I think this blog has helped that endeavor, and the countless essays have also contributed to this improvment. I hope that I continue to improve with next semester, and I fully intend to blog more thoroughly next semester. I really enjoy blogging, and I want to keep it alive and well.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why I LOVE 40k

The moment when two six sided dice can determine your victory or defeat. These are the moments that make me want to play 40k. To be mentally challenged and have fun with a fellow gamer makes 40k the game to play. Then, you have the intense moment of suspense when a die roll will make or break it.

Shout out to my buddy Jordan for an amazing game.

PS. I bought the Rakdos Event deck, which has given me most of the elements for my new Mono Red Deck :D

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fantasy Football!

So, this football season I made a promise to myself to stay active in my Fantasy Football leagues, particularly the one with money on it.  I am happy to say that I have been able to keep on top of it and it has shown!

Two of my leagues I have an 8-5 record with a playoff berth in sight. The other put me at 5-6-1 and 6th in the League. Thankfully, that one was with my family and some friends with no money attached :P

I really enjoy Fantasy Football. It allows for me to further appreciate the game of Football. I can turn on any game, and I will some vested interest in watching players excel. It is great fun, and I recommend any Football fan to try it.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Are Plasma Pistols Worth It?

A friend of mine and I were discussing the use of Plasma Pistols on Chaos Space Marine Champions. He swore by them, and he really liked them in combination with the potential Preferred Enemy: Space Marines.

I, however, vehemently disagreed. Here are the specifics as to why I dislike them.

1. Point cost. If a number Plasma Gun runs from about 10 to 15 points, why should a Plasma Pistol be 15? Some would argue that the benefit of a Plasma shot on the charge and the extra close combat attack is the benefit. But for less points, you can get the same value for longer range and more shots? I don't think PPs are really worth it. Particularly because..

2. Risk. If your Champion/Sergeant rolls a 1 and fails that armor save, you have lost WAY more than 15 points worth of effectiveness. Generally, you lose 1 LD, 1 A AND whatever other upgrades he had. Not worth the risk to fry yourself.

This is, of course, my personal philosophy when choosing wargear. I'm interested what others may have to say about it?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some Tournament Theorizing for the Arkham Games February Tournaments

I am on a roll! Three blog posts in as many days! Woo!

I have been writing more on my blog, mainly because it is a pleasent escape from my writings concerning The Handmaid's Tale and Confucian Philosophy.

Anyway, I wanted to write a short article on some of the philosophies behind the creation of the missions and tournament rules for the upcoming 40k tournament I am hosting at Arkham Games. By explicating my feelings on the matter, it may help myself in furthering the tournament scene. It may give some greater insight for those unsure of how to handle the tournament.

First of all, I want to point out that the tournament is automatically won by the 3-0 player, assuming only one exists. I genuinely feel that tournaments should be based primarily on winning the games. While this may create a feeling of WAAC or strong competitiveness, I think that is ok. People should want to perform well, and they should want to try and get some bragging rights amongst the store. Friendly competition is overall healthy for the store and community. It generates more lists, more discussion, and more items being purchased. Everybody benefits from some friendly competition.

Next, there are a series of tiebreakers built into the tournament. This is planned in the case of two 3-0s or several 2-1s. Having this series of tiebreakers will allow a definitive placement and ranking. This is important to pairings and final standings.

I also want to point out the simplicity of the missions. They are directly from the main rulebook, with no modifications or changes to them. I allow for fortifications and allies. I utilize mysterious terrain and mysterious objectives. The first is a little bit more rare simply due to the terrain available at the store, but the mysterious objectives can really add some interesting dynamics to the game. They are not game-breaking, but they are useful and should be considered when playing the game. These decisions will allow for those entering the scene to rely on their main rulebook for guidance. There is no additional mission primer or set of FAQs that can entirely change the game being played. It's simple and easy for newcomers to understand.

Finally, I think the addition of painting and sportmanship scores are very important for the community. There is some tangible benefit for painting your army, but it is not entirely necessary. Sportsmanship is encouraged by making it scored, but it will be a lenient system. People cannot simply dock points just because it will hinder their progress in the tournament. While these scores are not competitive, they represent the minority of scores. They can still make a difference, but they won't be the bottom line in placement.

Hopefully, these points explain better my tournament structure. I am always open to criticism and ideas for the tournaments. Please comment if there are any ideas you may have.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gaming Progress

So! After my small rant, I wanted to share my hobby progress.

Warhammer 40k- I have put some basecoats onto the Fallen Dark Angels for my Daemons list. I have been contemplating adding some level of fluff to the Daemons list. I had just listened to the Independent Characters podcast about creating your own background, and it inspired me to try and create my own character. Thinking more about it, I would definitely be a Tzeentch sorcerer. So, I want to take one of the absolutely awesome character models from the Dark Vengence set and create my own Sorcerer.
My Tau Broadside Bits took more than a month to arrive at the store, but I have the final pieces to my Tau army!
Necrons and Grey Knights are at the same level of completion.
I have been playing more games of 40k to help out the participants in Arkham's February tournament. One thing about being the tournament organizer is getting to scout the competition! The games have been great fun, and I have been learning more about 6th edition the more I play.

Magic: The Gathering- I have been playing less Magic. While I have been enjoying the current standard, I haven't been motivated to participate in any local FNM. It has been mostly with friends and my family.

The rest of my time has been spent doing massive amounts of homework with the occassional video game thrown in. Hopefully, I will be able to write more once the winter begins.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Community: The Impact It Has On Gaming


It has been a very long while since my last blog post; I mostly blame school for that one. :P It has been quite hectic, but I'll have some hobby progress to report in another post.

This post, I wanted to discuss the positive and negative effects the community can have on gaming and individual gamers. I would argue that the community is one of the most important aspects of a game. For many, it's the friends that bring them back to gaming. This is definitely the case for me. When I play WoW or other MMOs, I find myself drawn to a certain type of community. I find those who are like-minded, and we bond over the game. The same is true of Magic and Warhammer; the major difference is the ability to play many MMOs by yourself and the latter requiring another participant.

MMOs (I'm mainly thinking of League of Legends and WoW) generally have a decent community, but those choice people will ruin your experience. You can't avoid them; they will appear and they will ruin the experience. My advice? Find your core group and stick with them. Find a cool ranked team, find a solid guild, and you will have excellent experiences. It's a pretty simple fix.

The tabletop games, however, have a totally different issue. It is generally more difficult to avoid those lackluster gamers. They are there, and they are likely to stay. What can you do about them? You can try to enact change in your store. Bring up your concerns to the community. Make a change. Host a new event, or create a discussion board to invite debate. You may be surprised by your results.

I have a few more points in mind, but this makes up the jist of my post. Overall, I find myself drawn to games with strong communities that are positive. The negative communities (looking at you LoL) make me want to quit the game.

Be a cool dude. Everyone will have more fun.

Monday, October 1, 2012

40k Hobby Progress

I have made some tremendous steps this semester: I have possibly completed all of the purchases I will make for ALL FOUR OF MY 40K ARMIES! These armies are built to 1,500 points currently, for that is my preferred point limit. My Grey Knights will likely expand beyond that point limit in the future, but that is a future investment. I finished assembling the Psyflemen, who are ready to wreck face.

I did decide to split a Dark Vengeance box set, taking the Dark Angels models. These models look fantastic. I thought that the Assault on Black Reach set was good; this set takes the cake. I was concerned that the Dark Angels iconography would be overly incorporated, but it is manageable. The models will be painted in the Fallen Pre-Heresy colors (black and silver with bits of red http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Fallen_Angels). They will work perfectly with my Chaos Daemons (which may require some level of modeling/purchasing, but there is at least a legal list amongst the collection :P)

Amazingly enough, completing the Tau force took very little purchasing. I picked up a complete Battleforce secondhand, and I purchased two upgrade kits: A Broadside kit and a Hammerhead kit. After I build these extra bits, I will have a complete Tau army as well. I have seen a boatload of discussion concerning the incorporation of allies in the Tau codex, and I may decide to do so. For now, I appreciate the tactical challenge of running them alone.

The Necrons I own are frankly complete. I really want to run the shambling horde of Warriors, complete with Resurrection Orb Lords, and Imotekh. Thankfully, I have all of the models to run this exact list :D

Granted, there is a TON of painting to get done. Lots and Lots. I am hoping that I will continue to be motivated to get these projects done. There is frankly no rush, but I want to keep making progress.

Magic the Gathering: Return to Ravnica

This past Saturday, I played in the Return to Ravnica pre-release event. I was intially going to play Selsyna, but I traded with a friend last minute to play Azorious. I went 2-3 on the evening, with three Azorious mirror matches (which boiled down to, who could detain what the hardest).

The event was fun and interesting, but I wasn't able to get a good sense of the types of cards coming out. Seeing the same W/U cards doesn't really inspire me. Limited format thoughts: Rakdos is way too good in limited. Selsyna and Golgari are a little too slow to be competitive. Izzet does well in the retardedly large amount of removal and general spell speeds.

I am not terribly fond of the set so far. I thought that Innistrad block was far more interesting and fun. However, with the removal of Scars block, I want to build a U/W lifegain deck using a number of the detain cards I picked up, along with strong lifegain cards such as Drogskol Reaver and Serra Avatar.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughts on the NOVA

I will start this post by first saying I did not attend NOVA; I am simply commenting on the top lists and standings.

During 5th, I took a good bit of my tournament structure from the NOVA. It was very well balanced as a mission packet, and it promoted a solid happy gaming environment for competitive play. This is according to a number of folks I talked to personally and through podcasts/40k media. My only issue was the use of table quarters as a victory condition, but I was willing to compromise considering that table quarters was a deployment type.

Looking through the 2012 NOVA rules packets and mission structure, I was hesitant and skeptical of the format. I thought it did not reflect the structure and style of 6ed at all. The prevalence of table quarters and their importance in the tournament was far too great. I think that this past NOVA was not a balanced tournament at all. It was a new version of 6ed, which reflected the likes and dislikes of the tournament designers and creators. Table quarters has little to no precedent as a victory condition in this edition. It was little more than a large scale RTT with a specific set of parameters that took 6ed and altered it heavily.

As far as I am concerned, I will not be attending the NOVA unless some major modifications are made. In addition, I have little inspiration from the tournament structure. I have no intentions of using its structure and concepts for my own tournaments. It's a shame really; I was hoping it would meet the expectations they set for 5ed.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dat Hobbying

I have now returned to school and my beloved Arkham Games. I made a vow to myself that I would get much hobbying done this semester, and I have so far!

I purchased the last few elements for my Tau list, and I have painted a few more Grey Knight models. I primed my Scyrah for Warmachine. In addition, I have been working a little bit on the Tau, prepping them for the rest of the army to arrive.

One question to the readers: How would the Dark Angels models from the new Dark Vengeance set look as Fallen? A buddy of mine wants to split the set, and I am considering getting the Dark Angels. I don't play Dark Angels, but I thought they may look good painted as Fallen and used as CSM Allies in my Chaos Daemons list!

Pictures to come hopefully, along with some excellent Battle Reports.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unfortunate Events

Sunday, my Great-Granfather passed away. He lived a good life, and I wish him the best.

In addition, I think I may have to give up on my Battle Mission hobby progress. The missions are not well designed for 6th with a number of issues of compatibility. I'll be using it for a good reference though in my future games.

August has been a bad month so far for me personally and hobbywise. Here is to a better future! :D

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Initial Overall Thoughts on 6th Edition.

I have been wanting to write a post on my thoughts about 6th edition. I will make this caveat now, and I will say that I have played only a couple games. These are simply my thoughts on the rules, tactics, list building and other specific details that I feel are important. Plus, I think it would be a good thought experiment to record my thoughts, and later I can come back and see how correct or incorrect I was about the game.

So, things that are pertinent in my mind:
  • Movement in the movement phase is still just about the same. The strategic value of the movement phase, however, is ENORMOUS. No longer can you string models out to get half in cover and that ONE heavy weapon in LoS. You must consider where you place your models relative to the entire squad. This is HUGE, but I think it is huge in the improvement section. Did it ever matter in 5th edition whether you fired at the unit from the side, the front or the back? No, because your opponent was able to pick which models took the wounds anyway. Now, moving your models in position to attempt to force that Wolf Guard to die is a viable and important decision to make. 
  • Characters mean something. Instead of just a random upgrade you may take or have to take, the Sergeant, Nob, Justicar can actually make a big difference. Whether this is good or not is hard to say. Generally speaking, you don't have a choice in the matter anyway, but now you really may want that Sybarite in your Dark Eldar Warriors squad to be able to Precision Shot a Blast Pistol. With the characters comes "Look Out Sir!" which I find very silly in game terms and in fluff/narrative terms. I see that becoming wound allocation shenanigans all over again with Nobs and Paladins, but at least its a dice roll and not just a major exploitation of Rules as Written. Although, the image of Paladins flying 6 inches across the field to take a stray lasgun shot though is absolutely hysterical.
  • Assault is not dead. Most units that were good in assault in 5th edition are still good in 6th edition. The trick is that some units become much better and others became worse. Death Cult Assassins are useless, but Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield terminators are extra baller. Different I Steps are gonna be odd though with the 8 Pile In moves.
    The random charge means that you may have to engage closer in the movement step, but at least its not a trot across the field until you are at 6" Now you can actually get a CHANCE at taking an enemy by surprise. It makes the game a little more interesting. Obviously, the nerd rage will ensue at an Overwatch killing that one guy putting you out of assault range or you bomb a charge roll, but the rage is just the same as rolling a DT for a charge and getting a double 1 in 5th ed. Be a smart player and reduce the randomness. 
    Also, it's WAY easier to assault a vehicle and kill it. That's a definite buff to assault.
  • Transports are not dead. Now, with Hull Points, they are appropriate priced.  Vehicles were hugely random in 5th. That Rhino just survived my whole army of shooting because I couldn't roll more than a 1 for the Penetrating Damage result. Yeah, let's talk about balance in that. Now that 35 point Rhino is actually worth its points. It will survive WAY better than the two Space Marines you could replace it with. Hull Points give a reliable means to destroy vehicles, which will help out the game. So instead of NEEDING to bring 20+ S8 shots just to handle Guard, you could bring a smaller number and do as best you can. Those who cry "Mech is Dead!" are being very silly. "Mech because Mech" is dead. 5+ Cover save on your vehicles plus immunity to a certain number of low strength hits make them well worth 35 points.
  • There are a boat load of standardized special rules in the new rulebook. It's gonna be important to understand those rules and know how they operate. The standardizing is an important step. It helps make Magic: the Gathering rules easier to understand; it should do the same for 40k. 
  • I find Wound Allocation more sensible this edition. It may be more difficult to use at times, but it is better for the most part. There will likely be some shenanigans in the future, but for now, I like it fine. 
  • Snap Shots are a great addition. It adds some more value to shooting, which is probably not needed honestly. I think though that it makes for a more interesting game though.
  • Flyers will likely be incredibly retarded for a while, and then people will figure them out. I'm not terribly worried about it.   
  • Jump Infantry got a major buff, as did Bikes. The other unit types are about the same.
  • NO MORE FEARLESS WOUNDS! My Daemons jump for joy, but my Grey Knights will need to pump all the lead into dem Orks. 
  • I will pass on the random terrain, objectives, and fortifications in tournament play. Friendly games, I don't care much, but I imagine it will go the route of Fantasy anyway. I go around the terrain and not bother rolling for something retarded.
  • The new missions are a boon and a burden for me as a tournament organizer. In friendly play, things will work out fine. Having 18 different missions is way more interesting than 9. The secondary objectives add an extra layer that needed to happen, particularly for Capture and Draw. There are some rules though that need to be edited. I will be working on those edits for my tournaments at Arkham. Thankfully, I have some big tournaments to look for some guidance.
  • Yes, Shooting is better. No, it is NOT the supreme ruler of 40k. PS. Its a fucking SCI-FI game. Obviously the massive laser of death is better than a freaking knife. It's the world; don't play if you aren't looking for tanks and lasers.
These are my thoughts for now. On the whole, I am looking forward to adding some more depth and fun elements to the game. Frankly, I was getting tired of the dry chess game that was 5th. Simple rules with obvious outcomes. "Clearly that round of shooting just crippled my whole army. Ok, games over." At least in 6th, there will be some crazy shit happening. We shall see how this proves out in the long run.

What do you think? 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gaming Updates

Still reading and analyzing the 6e rulebook. I have been trying to get more games in to test it out, but my hours at work have increased.. so I have been unable to do so.

I went to the Magic 2013 Core Set Pre-Release last Saturday. I went 2-2-1 earning myself one pack... which contained a Garruk! I also pulled a Liliana in my Sealed Pool. Those two cards went to the completion of my Selesyna Humans ^.^;

I also have been playing World of Warcraft.. I know I poo-pooed in the past, but for 30 bucks for ALL 4 GAMES, I couldn't pass it up. It has been a great fun, and I was glad to get back into it. Snikgrot level 37 Shaman on Wyrmrest Accord.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Played my first game of 6th edition Warhammer 40k

It is hard to say how much the edition has truly changed. A definitely apparent change is the random charge ranges. Movement phase is extremely important because of that and the new wound allocation system. The placement of your models is incredibly crucial.

Some have argued that assault is now dead; but it still has the same brutality as in 5th. Assault allows for a greater precision in killing particular models, especially at different initiative steps. Most of the units that wreck ass in close combat still do.

Vehicles die much easier now, which I find to be a boon. I like hull points, and it doesn't add a crazy rule or table to the game. Random terrain, fortifications and other random aspects don't entice me much.

I am still working on my thoughts for my Arkham Tournaments. Will post more.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Gaming Updates

I apologize for the lack of posting. Work has been horrendous, and I have not been playing as much 40k recently.
I have been attending Magic Standard Tournaments semi-regularly, and I have been doing fairly well. It's been a fun experience and something to do with my friends.
I took a trip to Hobbytown USA, and I played a pick-up team game. Rule about Grey Knights: Don't underestimate Psyflemen.
Trolling more forums and gaming facebook pages has really shown how some gamers think. They hear a rumor about a possible nerf or improvement, and they are ready to quit the game. Calm down guys; let's play the game first, and then we can make judgements.
I'm excited for 6th, whatever it may bring.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Magic: The Gathering Standard Tournament at Beyond Comics 6/14/12

I won't go into much detail, but I just wanted to talk a little bit about the tournament at Beyond Comics.

It was a ton of fun! I brought my U/G Self Mill, and I went 3-1. I won four packs, doubling my buy-in. I also wanted to say that MtG at Beyond is a cool environment. I really like the guys there, particularly my good friends. They trade, laugh, and have a good time.

I am enjoying Magic more and more as time goes on. =]

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Battle Missions 5- Invasion

I still didn't have my phone (winning a bet you see). So no pictures for you!

Sean and I decided to visit Hobbytown USA, and we played a 1,000 point game. He purchased some Dark Eldar from my friend yesterday, and he wanted to try them out.

His list:
2 Haemonculi with Webway Gates and other stuff
9 Warriors with Blaster and Raider
9 Warriors with Blaster and Raider
10 Wyches with Razorflails
10 Wyches with Hydragauntlets

My list was the same Daemons list as the previous game.

The mission style was actually pretty cool and fun. There was a "Warp Rift" set in the middle of the table where a Chaos Daemon unit could deploy as if moving off the table edge. They could also Deep Strike if they so chose. An enemy unit could not move within 6" of it, or they would be destroyed (as to prevent the portal from being used).

An objective was set between the middle and halfway from each table edge, landing 4 objectives. The enemy unit could deploy anywhere 12" away from the center.

Sean and I have a very bloody game, but the Dark Eldar have a great advantage over my Daemons. In a codex with several units relying on high toughness for durability, Dark Eldar laugh at it. In addition, having some units easily generate pain tokens from all of my INFANTRY units made killing them very difficult. Sean beat me pretty handily with 2 objectives to my 1.

The mission rating: A- It was a lot of fun actually, and it was balanced! I think though it would not have worked well with another army other than Daemons, however. So, the mission is perfect for its intention: A Daemon specific scenario, hence the high grade. I wouldn't recommend it though for any other army to substitute as the Daemon player.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Battle Missions 4- Night Fight

I apologize ahead of time for the lack of pictures; neither of us had our cell phones in order to take pictures. We still played a hilariously awesome game though!

I played my Daemons against my friend PJ and his small force of Eldar. Both of us wanted to play a side army for these missions, mostly because my Daemons are not up to snuff.

My Daemons list

Great Unclean One-175
Unholy Might

16 Bloodletters-250
Fury of Khorne

5 Horrors-90
Bolt of Tzeentch

5 Horrors-90
Bolt of Tzeentch

5 Plaguebearers-75

5 Daemonettes-70

An Undivded Chaos Daemons list. This list simply had all of the models I own for Daemons.

Pj's list:

5 Dire Avengers
10 Harlequins with Shadowseer
5 Fire Dragons
5 Pathfinders
Wave Serpent with basic guns
Falcon with Pulse Laser and Scatter Laser

This mission had an interesting deployment. The deploying army had to deploy in a random set-up with quarters divided into triangles. 1-4 indicated one of the triangles and 5-6 was player choice. Daemons deep strike, so they did not have to do such things. Win condition was  D3+2 objectives; we rolled a 1, creating 3 objectives spread across the middle of the board.

Pj deployed and managed to get most of his units together in the far left corner hiding. I deep struck, surrounding him, minus the Plaguebearers who deployed in the farthest objective.

It was a bloody game. As the mission title suggests, the entire game had night fight. Fantastic for Daemons, but it is not fantastic for Eldar, who have zero searchlights or acute senses. Pj flubbed some important night fights, preventing the Falcon from shooting until turn 3, for example.

I essentially tabled Pj. It was a ridiculous game! Eldrad took a wound from Perils, Skulltaker flubbed a 2+ save against an Eldritch storm, Horrors beat two Harlequins in combat, and other crazy stuff! Tons of fun, and we both were able to bring less frequently played codexes.

Mission rating: A solid B. The Night Fight rule is crazy, and the Deployment can be nuts as well. Only the Daemon deep striking or the Daemons substitute really has an advantage here. Pj got very lucky with his deployment rolls, but it could have screwed him. Otherwise, the mission is perfectly fine.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

6th Edition 40k: My Thoughts

Well, it is official. The new rules set for 40k is going to come out sometime this next month or two. Wow. I don't even feel like 5th edition has lasted long enough to warrant a new rule set. Perhaps it is the slow and arduous process for a 15-20 year old income to support the hobby. It has become very expensive as time has elapsed.

For me, I eagerly anticipate the new rules set. It seems to me that Games Workshop would not alter the game in such a drastic way. 4th to 5th was a great improvement. Why shouldn't 5th to 6th be a similar improvement?

In any event, I will be playing 40k no matter how the new rule set turns out. I have invested too much time and effort into it to not continue to paint, play, and have fun. I have many friend groups based around the game, and I have no intention of losing them.

Keep your fingers crossed guys. I am hoping the game will be improved.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dawn of the Dead

A picture of my newly acquired Necrons. A buddy of mine, who is
proudly serving in the Marines in Electronic Aviation, gave them to me
for safe keeping. Thank you Brandon!
I'll be trying them out and seeing what is cool about the Necrons.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Battle Missions 3- Scorched Earth

The third and final CSM mission. The mission featured a modified table quarters mission with a 9" bubble on your quarter. The win condition was D3+2 objectives, same sort of scoring and everything. The major difference in the game was the terrain. Every piece of area terrain had either dangerous or +1 cover save, AND it blocks line of sight. A retcon to 4th edition? Hmm.. interesting.

It was the same lists as Black Crusade, with my friend PJ. It was a very slow and boring game. Neither of us could really get good lines of sight to each other, and I put my Dreadnoughts in a terrible position. The action increased at turn 4 with some intense combats. PJ put the smackdown on me, and he handily captured the objectives.

My grade for the mission: C+. With 5th edition codexes, 5th edition lists and 5th edition terrain, the area terrain blocking LoS is TERRIBLE. It makes the game incredibly boring and unfun. The objectives and deployment are perfectly fine, but the rest of the additions made the game incredibly boring.

Here are the pictures:

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