Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Gamer Bros!

Have a good one. I am thankful for all of you who read my blog. It makes me feel like I'm not a teenage neck-beard sitting in a lonely corner of the internet.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Too Tri-Hard

Well, I have reached a depressing but unsurprising conclusion.

I can not play a game non-competitively.

It occurred to me the other day with the Magic Booster draft. I decided to actually try and win, instead of perhaps just get some cool cards and move on. I came incredibly close to winning the whole draft. It was at that point that I decided I can not play Magic casually. I am not a casual gamer. 

It just doesn't flow with me. I have the desire to win. I don't care what sort of game it is; I want to perform at my best. Perhaps it is the competitive nature in me that fuels my desire. I enjoy the challenge it gives my brain. Chess, Warhammer 40k, Heroclix, Magic: All of these games give my brain some challenge. I enjoy it.

This does not mean though that I intend to become a WAAC kind of gamer. That is simply not fun. I want to perform well, but I want to have fun and allow my opponent to have fun too. I do not want to be "that guy."

So, with this, I promise to not devolve into a WAAC gamer, but I intend to be a good sport. A Renaissance man if you will. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Four Horsemen Team Tournament

Yesterday, Some 40k guys from Arkham and I went to Morgantown for a team tournament for 40k. It was two players with 1,000 point lists going at it. My partner, Chris Briles, brought his Baron Dark Eldar.

(2) 10 Hellions, Stun Claw
5 Warriors with Blaster, Blast Pistol and Power Weapon
Venom with Night Shields and Extra Venom Cannon
2 Razorwings with Missiles

I brought Space Wolves.

Rune Priest
3 Wolf Guard Combi-Melta, Power Fist
(3) 6 Grey Hunters with Wolf Standard, Meltagun in Rhinos
(3) 5 Long Fangs with 4 Missiles

We placed Third overall! We earned 43 Battle Points all together.

Game 1
We played against Necrons with Trazyn and immortals with a couple doomsday arks, teamed with Crowe and Purifiers. Simply put, they did not have enough anti-tank to handle us. They also deployed poorly and the Purifiers were eaten alive. This was also my first encounter with new Necron. Either I rolled incredibly well, or Quantum Shielding is not very good. Also, Immortals are very tough, but the Reanimation Protocols are not enough to outweigh Necrons greatest weakness: Close Combat. We played very well, and our dice were smoking hot. The other team did not have good dice at all. Adam and Keegan: It was a very fun game! Thank you guys!

Game 2
Our opponents were our friends from Arkham. It was sad to see them in the second round, but it was a very hard fought game. The mission previously gave the victors an unit with an universal special rule. So, my buddy Josh gave his 'Ard Boyz Feel No Pain. Tyler had Tau with 4 Broadsides as the support for 90 Boyz. It was a very rough game, and they pulled a Major Victory. They did eventually take first for the event though! Arkham represent!

Game 3
We played against a Nids player and an Orks player with 100 Boys and 90 Hormagaunts. We were scared at first, and then we had first turn. The Razorwings blew away the Nids by Turn 2. The Orks were then completely outclassed. I wasn't too fond of this game or one of the opponents. He was not very nice. The Nids guy was awesome though, with Alien themed Nids. We earned a Massacre on this game, to add to our First Round massacre.

All in all, we placed Third. It was a ton of fun, and we broke even. The bragging rights, however, are priceless. :)

Some criticisms: The terrain was again a little too sparse. 25% coverage is important. The addition of universal special rules also tended to break the game a wee bit. A little too wonky in my opinion. The Egg Timer was an interesting idea. Basically each team had 20 minutes to take their turns. I was fine with that; I have been playing enough to go fast. Some teams were screwed by it though. I have mixed feelings.

Overall, a very awesome tournament!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Magic Draft Today!

Today, the FrOGs held a Magic: The Gathering booster draft. It was any pack goes, but it ended up being an entirely Innistrad draft. I drafted a mono-green deck buff deck, and I went 3-1! The only person who beat me was the 1st place winner. I feel pretty good about it.

I do have to make an announcement... I admit that Green is a good color. I intend to keep all Greens from now on. I'll probably build a deck out of them soon.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Warmahordes: Why is it so difficult to choose?

I have been digging through a copy of the Mark II rulebook, going through the rules and the model abilities. The game is actually very simple and well thought out. The rules give me little issue. It's the faction choice.

I have decided against Hordes, simply because it is less developed, and I am much more a robot kinda dude. Focus also seems likes a easier mechanic to use.

My feelings right now fall to Menoth. I am hoping to run them more shooting than assault. I think they would be the best choice due to support from the Two-Player Battle-Box, and I have always liked the radical zealots.
Khador seems awesome, but I have never liked the eggs in one basket style of combat.
Cygnar are my second choice, but I play enough good guys.
Cryx are too glass cannon. The Bonejacks also look like little turds.

I am thinking that Menoth. will be the faction I choose. They seem like a ton of fun, and a friend may go halfsies on a two player set, taking the Khador.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Forge Fathers!

These models look awesome. I have been definitely considering picking up some of the models, just to start an Imperial Guard army. I probably wouldn't use them for Space Marines, due to the amount of Power Armor in my collection. I would need to buy a number of vehicles, but it would be totally worth it. I will of course finish up the Daemons and Tau first.

Working on the Daemons

A couple weeks ago, Arkham hosted a Trade Day. Bring in your old bits, models, or other gamer stuff to trade or buy from each other. My good friend, Bunni, (a nickname for him) had a large flying Carnifex and some heavily modeled Genestealers. They were painted green and they had many growths, boils, and tentacles upon them. I saw these models, and I suddenly thought "Nurgle!"

I quickly bought them up. Now I have a Great Unclean One and some Plaguebearers for my Daemons collection. Thank you Bunni!

My only issue, which is not that problematic, is my desire for square bases on the models. I think I could simply buy some movement trays for these couple models and move them on the tray. This would likely be the easiest solution. I could, alternatively, change out the bases. This would be more work, but it may end up looking much better. Thoughts on this?