Sunday, January 30, 2011

Incubi vs. Hekatrix Bloodbrides- Which is the better combat Elite?

My friend Nick and I were discussing the "all star" units of each of the branches of the Force Organization chart. The Elites slot, however, was not so easy to determine. Kabalite Trueborn were easily determined an excellent shooting choice, and that needed no debate. We did have a discussion concerning Incubi versus the Bloodbrides.

Nick prefers the Incubi for the Onslaught rule, Power Weapons, 3+ armor, and S4 attacks. For him, that means a more guaranteed set of casualties, as compared to the Bloodbrides. He does acknowledge their price cost.

I said that I preferred the Bloodbrides for the better special weapon ratio, more attacks, combat drugs, and 4+ invulnerable save in combat.

What do you guys think?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Intial Reactions to Fantasy 8e

So, my friends and I decided to play a small 3 way battle using the new Warhammer Fantasy 8e rules. It went by fairly slowly and with much reading of the rules, but I certainly learned a lot about the new rules set. I'll go through the phases and indicate changes and thoughts.


Premeasuring does kinda make this part easier and more tactical. The charge rule change means a lot more risk taking and unknowns that play in. It certainly is interesting, but not a whole lot of changes here.


This part of the game has changed DRASTICALLY. The random dice generation and wizard spells certainly wreak havoc with any magic based game plan. Even more powerful spells may be not worth it due to miscasting. It's certainly a lot less powerful and a whole hell more risky.


Pretty much the same. The warmachines have changed rules, but generally the same old shit.


Again, pretty much the same. Combat resolution is slightly different, but overall very similar.

The list building rules also change the army formations and composition, but I think it works fairly well. Overall, it still retains the fun it used to for me and I am definitely excited to learn more about 8e.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Local Gaming Stores

Most gamers have them, and no matter how dinky, huge, or overcrowded they may be, they all go AT LEAST once. Why? Because the gaming store is a key element for the gaming community. By carrying certain products over others, sponsoring tournaments or events, and other support, the stores can essentially determine the "gaming agenda" so to speak.

Take Brainstorm Comics located in downtown Frederick, Maryland. They are a store that carries just about every popular nerd game, and some other various unknown board games as well, plus comics as the name indicates. However, for a while, they had a location dedicated purely to Magic: The Gathering. By establishing that location, they basically said, "We support Magic, come play here." Sadly, that part of the store closed, and its just the downtown location.

Even if the store doesn't necessarily fulfill all of your gaming needs, it's still a good idea to at least buy something from there. The more money and profit the store makes, the better the possibilites for the future can be. Suddenly, the store can afford a gaming table, and then two or three. They may sponser events and have awesome new deals. These oppurtunities come from profit overall.

So go out there and support your LGS!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh, in case you havent noticed...

I have been doing a TON of posting recently, and I'm really starting to enjoy it. :) I think I am gonna try to make this a daily thing, even if It's just a small post about something random. Hopefully it will be nerd based.

A new approach to the topic of OP in 40k

So, my good friend Seth (who should get a blog because I know he would enjoy it :P ) and I were discussing why so many people in the 40k community complain about certain codexes or units being overpowered (OP). He has been playing for as long as I have and he plays Eldar and Orks, two of those codexes that were on the 4e/5e line. He attributes the overpowered nature of certain units to the logistics aspect of 40k.

He explained the logistics as similar to modern warfare: you have more guns than the other guy, you are going to win. He compared his Eldar Guardians to Space Marines, and noted that they are not nearly as flexible or useful. Simply put, for the casual gamer, there is a greater emphasis on tactics and strategy, while the experienced player focuses on the logistics and list building. As Seth put it, better logistics equals better tactics.

Therefore, those codexes with superior logistics, will generally win more battles. Its true in modern warfare. America wins more because we have more and better guns than our opponents. In our small microcosm of a game, casual players expect a fair fight, when in reality its about "making the fight as unfair as possible." (Seth) 

After giving this concept a lot of thought, I'd have to agree with Seth. List building is the first step in creating your tactics and strategy. Tactics are secondary to logistics.

An interesting, and on point imo, analysis Seth.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why I don't like World of Warcraft

So I have many friends who have played or play World of Warcraft. I played a time or two on my own, under the impression that "It's so much better." or "Dude, they changed a lot." My response to that is "yeah.. right."

World of Warcraft is quite an ingenious money making game. Everything takes SO DAMN LONG. The leveling process, while it may go faster now, is still slow as hell. Not to mention the various distractions and inefficient (in terms of leveling) dungeons. It wastes your time, holding the proverbial carrot of "endgame." Which, surprise!, is the same shit you have been doing for the past 84 levels. Awesome.

Now, many now say that the endgame is difficult again and a challenge. Well, yeah maybe, for the first 3 times you do it. However, since there are players who have no lives and don't leave the basement, they have figured out all of these moves, tricks, and schemes the NPC's do. Then, they post it on the internet. So much for the challenge. -_-.

I will say, however, that the PVP aspect of the game is incredibly entertaining. It is a challenge, and a whole lot of fun. Sadly though, you have to trudge through hours of the PVE content in order to really get to the PVP content. If leveling purely by PVP was a viable option, I may feel differently about the game.

My final complaint is the fact that Blizzard has become a huge player in the computer gaming industry. Which is totally fine, except when they are stupid. They pretty much have left the rest of their IP in the garbage, and perhaps with the exception of SC2, they have done little more than release more expansions for WoW. Even then, 60 dollars for a third of the story? Wow, Blizzard, how much harder are you gonna gouge my wallet?

I think once WoW dies, which is inevitable, the computer gaming world will be a better place.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Design Ideas and feedback?

So, I'm trying to figure out how to best design and "pretty up" my blog. I want it to look cool, but at the same time be functional. Any suggestions or ideas? Anything is appreciated.

An unexpected, but pleasant discovery

As you may know, I have been searching for a new evil army for Warhammer Fantasy. My thoughts flitted from Beastmen to Dark Elves to several other factions.

A friend of mine suggested that I think about Daemons of Chaos. I was skeptical at first, but I got a hold of the army book and took a look through it.

It's pretty dang awesome. I'm gonna do it. Daemons it is. :D

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Post from The Eternal Warriors!

So, I entered a contest for The Eternal Warriors podcast to write the best blog post for their site. Here is what I entered, and it is currently on their front page!

If there is any one consistent truth about Warhammer 40k, its the prevalence of the Space Marine. It’s fairly easy to say that there are many, many Marine players, and that they are the iconic army of the forty-first millennium. Now, like every other player, I too find some interest and value in the Space Marines. They are fun to play, have an amazing history and background, and they are a very competitive army. When I collected my first real army, as opposed to a motley crew of miniatures, it was the Space Wolves. I loved the uniqueness and different kind of flavor that they gave the Space Marines. Sadly, I have floated away from the Space Wolves, due to the overwhelming number of bandwagon jumpers and haters of the new codex. I wished to go back to the uniqueness and interest that the Space Wolves had created for me in the beginning. I loved being the only guy bringing the Space Puppies. It set me apart from all of the other Space Marine armies out there. I like being unique. It was at this time that I had decided that I wanted to develop my own chapter of Space Marines.

Now, I had some experience with the creation of characters and back story. I am an avid reader and writer, an actor, and I LOVE RPGs, in particular Dungeons and Dragons. The concept of creating my own persona was certainly not new to me. I found the process of creating a Space Marine chapter, however, strangely difficult. It’s tough to create a unique overall design concept, but still be within some form of reality within the 40k universe. After a few months of deep thought and rough concepts, I was able to truly flesh out my own chapter, The Shadow Guard.

I figured that somewhere out in the realm of gaming, there would be another player that would love to create their own unique persona for their chapter. I wrote this article to hopefully help that other person go through the steps, and they will hopefully be successful in their own creation. These are some of the tips and ideas that I used to create my own design concept.

Step 1- Loyalist or Traitor?
This step is fairly simple. Does the chapter stay true to the Imperium or have they moved away, or possibly into the grips of Chaos? This, of course, is a really simple, but incredibly important decision in the overall  development of their background.

Step 2- Chapter History?
Where have these guys been? Who founded them? Why were they created? What are their overall motives and desires? What sort of traditions and ideals do they hold dear? These questions really emphasis the foundation that establishes what your chapter is now doing in the 41st millennium. In theory, that could be a LOT of history to cover.

Step 3- Home world?
Where do these guys call HQ? What sort of planet is it? What kind of people inhabit the planet? Do they even have a planet? This creates the realm in which your Marines live. In a hive world, the Marines will likely play completely different roles on the planet and in the entire galaxy compared to a agri-world. Tied in with this concept would be, How does your chapter interact with the rest of the Imperium? Do they say F*** you, we do our own thing, or do they follow orders to the T?

Step 4- Leaders?
Who leads them now? What sort of person is he? Are there multiple leaders? What sort of relationship is there between the leaders and the rest of their battle-brothers? This does require a bit more of personal development beyond the normal marine, but I think it is important because it can give a hero that you really enjoy fleshing out.

Step 5- Appearance?
Especially with the role of hobby in Warhammer 40k, this is incredibly important. What sort of colors do these Marines wear? What kinds of symbols and other regalia are common? Do they have a very constant pattern or personal freedom? What would your leader wear? What would they wear outside of battle?

Step 6- Tactics?
This, for most competitive players, is the most fun step of the development. How does your Space Marine chapter win the fight? Do they bring as many heavy weapons as possible? Do they rely on manpower and brute strength? What sort of wargear do they have access to? If you could pick a preferred special weapon and heavy weapon, what would it be? Favorite vehicle? Each of these ideas can really emphasis your own personal strategies and preferences in the game, and they create an awesome set of fluff.

Step 7- Which codex should I use?
This step is the one that I write with some trepidation. I know from my own experiences, that many people ignore the true background and fluff of the codex in the effort to win games. That to me is perfectly fine. If you think it fits thematically with your own creation, that is ok. I would warn against the stretching and bending of the fluff to basically fit a square peg into a round hole. For example, just because the Space Wolves codex allows for 4 Psyker HQs does not mean that they would be good thematically for your Thousand Son army. Seriously. Don’t do it.

There you have it. Seven easy steps to create your own Space Marine chapter. Now the eighth step involves building, painting, writing, and, most importantly, playing. Keep track of your wins and losses. Creates small stories and little scenarios about your Space Marines. Did they totally whip Abbadon’s ass? Or did they get trashed by the Sisters of Battle? When you have your own creation and characters within the game, it creates more interest outside of gaming. I have found that it really adds a lot of interest and, most importantly, fun into my games. I record my amazing feats in order to look back and smile upon my achievements.

I hope that this article was some help to you all, and I would love to hear about what you have created! You can check out my blog at , but most importantly…


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trying my hand at Blood Angels

2000 Blood Angels


Furioso Dreadnought-175
Unleash Rage, Wings of Sanguinius

Furioso Dreadnought-175
Unleash Rage, Wings of Sanguinius

3 Sanguinary Priests-195
3 Infernus Pistols

9 Assault Marines-212
Meltagun, Sergeant with Infernus Pistol

10 Tactical Marines-185
Meltagun, Lascannon
Razorback- Lascannon, Twin-Linked Plasmagun-90

10 Tactical Marines-185
Meltagun, Lascannon
Razorback- Lascannon, Twin-Linked Plasmagun-90

5 Devastators-130
4 Missile Launchers
Razorback-Lascannon, Twin-Linked Plasmagun-90

5 Devastators-130
4 Missile Launchers
Razorback-Lascannon, Twin-Linked Plasmagun-90

This list is fairly aggressive, but it has the possibility of sitting back at range and doing some damage.

My thoughts on this list were to have Mephiston and the 2 Dreadnoughts as mobile close combat units. Using the Wings to gain a 12 inch move is always nice, and Unleash Rage for Preferred Enemy. The Sanguinary Priests would be riding with the Assault Squad Rhino and I would combat squad the Tactical Marines and probably would have the Priest ride in the mounted half of the Tac Squad with the Meltagun and Sergeant.  The static portion of the Tactical Squads would claim objectives and fire some Lascannon shots downfield, or possibly steal the devastators razorback.

I like it. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2000 Shadow Guard List

Gate of Infinity, Null Zone

10 Sternguard-315
4 Combi-Meltas, 2 Combi-Plasma, Drop Pod

Ironclad Dreadnought-200
2 Hunter-Killer Missiles, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod

Ironclad Dreadnought-190
Hunter-Killer Missile, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod

5 Tactical Marines-175
Sergeant- Combi-Melta
Twin-Linked Lascannon Razorback

5 Tactical Marines-175
Sergeant- Combi-Melta
Twin-Linked Lascannon Razorback

5 Tactical Marines-175
Sergeant- Combi-Melta
Twin-Linked Lascannon Razorback

5 Tactical Marines-175
Sergeant- Combi-Melta
Twin-Linked Lascannon Razorback

Land Speeder-70
Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer

Land Speeder-70
Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer

Land Speeder-70
Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer

Heavy Bolters, Autocannon

Heavy Bolters, Autocannon


An optimized list, but with my own tweaks and preferences. Thoughts?

Grey Knights! ... tid=329251

Well, its official. Grey Knights will hit in April. That should be very interesting. It'll be just another MEQ codex I'll have to try my hand at. :P

Monday, January 10, 2011

Countering Thunderwolf Cav?

So, my good friend PJ and I had a game of 40k on Saturday. He brought a Space Wolves list that basically including a massive squad of Thunderwolves and 4 Lords on mounts. This was at 1500 points -_-

I took my normal Shadow Guard 1500 list, and I was completely trashed. The most I could do was roadblock his models and try and lay some shooting into them. Even then, the 3+ invulnerable saves and 2 wounds and wound allocation killed that attempt.

It brings the question to my mind. How would I best defeat these models with my balanced list? Is there even a definite counter that can be created?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

League of Legends

So, for a while now, I have been playing a new strategy/action/RPG game called League of Legends. Some of my close gamer friends recommended it to me, and they insisted I try it. I was skeptical in the beginning, but when I heard they had stopped playing World of Warcraft to play this game, I knew something was up. I downloaded it, and I have been definitely into it for a while.

Sadly, College life consumed most of my time and ability to play the game. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it simply is. I have been playing it again as of late, due to a significant increase in spare time. There are so many good things about this game that I figure I would talk about them in my blog.

First of all, it's a damn fun game. The mechanics are strong, the champions are well developed, and the objective is just plain enjoyable. I'm surprised by the level of development that this game shows. I have yet to find my champion of choice yet, but I am working steadily to try many out. So far, I enjoy Annie, Ryze, and Veigar (see a pattern here? For those of you who play :P )

Second, Riot Games is on the ball. They listen to the community about the game play, new additions, and they are really involved. Their facebook page has many awesome videos and silly jokes. They were what Blizzard used to be, before WoW became their pet money-maker.

Last, but not least, it's an entirely free game! There is absolutely no "needed content" that is reliant upon money. They have a very unique system of purchasing champions and extra material using a point system. You purchase points by buying them and you can use them for a variety of goodies. It's quite ingenious.

All in all, this is a great game that people should try. It's not for the casual gamer type, but if you really get into, it can be a lot of fun. I would highly recommend this game.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


So, for Christmas, I received $20 in Walmart gift cards (thanks to some of my kind relatives), and I went out and bought a Magic: The Gathering deck builder kit! Almost 300 cards, of all colors and over several different editions. Even though some of them were 2010 set, I still was able to make three, count them, three standard decks! This, of course, is in addition to my Slash and Burn style deck. Also, my little brother received a number of cards including all of my Green cards, and some red and artifact. So, I got cards for myself, and I now have an opponent. Needless to say, I am very pleased. :)

Here are the decks I created:

White Defender- Basically, a lot of vigilance and pacifism. I stop your monsters from causing damage, but I still deal some to you. Not incredibly awesome, but a white deck that I have been wanting to create for a while now.

Black Control - Doom Blades, Last Kiss and other DAMAGE!! type cards in this deck. Small creatures that do a lot of graveyard type activities are also found. A recent great card that I have found is the Quest for the Gravelord. Play this quest for 1 swamp, and three dead monsters (of either side) later, you have a 5/5 zombie chilling out. Sounds good to me. Best of the three so far.

Blue Control-ish - My better control cards got put into my Slash and Burn deck XP. These are some more control with deck management and some flying "return monster" type creatures. I have yet to try this deck out, but I'm sure LOLZ will be had.

Oh, so by the way...

I totally forgot to include Beastmen on my fantasy destruction poll XP. I don't really know if that would change anyone's mind on the poll, but it has certainly peaked my interest. They are definitely going to be my next fantasy army, which will complete my fantasy collection. I enjoy Warhammer Fantasy, don't get me wrong, but, It isnt worth the financial investment.

Now, I have Number of the Beast stuck in my head. :P. That is all.

Some Resolutions

Happy 2011! As I consider the past year that has gone by, I truly have no regrets. Everything has worked out well. There may be a few things I want to try to make better, and I figure by writing them down here, perhaps I will be more obligated to uphold them.

1) Eat better
2) Get more excercise
3) Work on some more scholarship money.

I'm sure some more will come up. These will work for now. :)