Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12/3/11 Star Fox Team Tournament

A very successful event! We had 10 teams participate in a 3 round, Battle Point tournament. There were a variety of combinations including Sisters of Battle and Daemons, Necrons and Space Wolves, and Space Wolves and Tau!

After three hard fought rounds, we had three teams place:
1st- Adam and Levi- Sisters of Battle and Daemons
2nd- Danny and Chris- Dark Eldar and Dark Eldar
3rd- Mike and Gary- Space Wolves and Tau

Bill won the Best Painted and Robert and Jeb won Most Awesome Team.

Overall, everyone had a lot of fun! I think the teams added a fun new dynamic, and the missions went over very well. Some improvements can be made of course, but I think it went well.

The Valentine's Day Massacre will be the next event held by FrOGs and Arkham. More details to come!

Pictures of the Winners and the Tournament!

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