Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Working on the Daemons

A couple weeks ago, Arkham hosted a Trade Day. Bring in your old bits, models, or other gamer stuff to trade or buy from each other. My good friend, Bunni, (a nickname for him) had a large flying Carnifex and some heavily modeled Genestealers. They were painted green and they had many growths, boils, and tentacles upon them. I saw these models, and I suddenly thought "Nurgle!"

I quickly bought them up. Now I have a Great Unclean One and some Plaguebearers for my Daemons collection. Thank you Bunni!

My only issue, which is not that problematic, is my desire for square bases on the models. I think I could simply buy some movement trays for these couple models and move them on the tray. This would likely be the easiest solution. I could, alternatively, change out the bases. This would be more work, but it may end up looking much better. Thoughts on this?

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