Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Warmahordes: Why is it so difficult to choose?

I have been digging through a copy of the Mark II rulebook, going through the rules and the model abilities. The game is actually very simple and well thought out. The rules give me little issue. It's the faction choice.

I have decided against Hordes, simply because it is less developed, and I am much more a robot kinda dude. Focus also seems likes a easier mechanic to use.

My feelings right now fall to Menoth. I am hoping to run them more shooting than assault. I think they would be the best choice due to support from the Two-Player Battle-Box, and I have always liked the radical zealots.
Khador seems awesome, but I have never liked the eggs in one basket style of combat.
Cygnar are my second choice, but I play enough good guys.
Cryx are too glass cannon. The Bonejacks also look like little turds.

I am thinking that Menoth. will be the faction I choose. They seem like a ton of fun, and a friend may go halfsies on a two player set, taking the Khador.

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