Friday, October 21, 2011

So many choices!

So, I will admit. I have fallen into the Grey Knight craze just a tiny bit. I am not head over heels for the codex, but I definitely acknowledge the awesomeness within. Like every 5e codex so far, there are some balls ass awesome choices, with some chumps thrown in.

My plan with the Grey Knights codex to field a primarily Terminator based army. I have about 15 Terminators that I have not used in about a year or two. 5 will go to making some Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield Assault Terminators to complete a squad of 10. The other ten will be the basis for some Grey Knight Terminators.

Now there are some interesting choices within the Grey Knights codex for running a primarily Terminator list. First, regular Terminators are indeed a troops choice. 40 points per model, running around with a Storm Bolter and 2+/4++ base. Hammerhand comes stock of course. These require no special characters, no other gimmicks or taxes, just basic scoring unit goodness. Definitely a decent choice.

To compare them though, there are the Paladins. WS 5, 2 wound, 2+/4++ combat fiends for 55 points. Not to mention the chance for Feel No Pain, a S5 large blast, and double the amount of special weapons. The trick, however, is the addition of Draigo for Troop status, and the ridiculous investment in this unit.

I am having a very hard time making the choice between the two. I think they both have their merits in the grand scheme of things, but my gut says Paladins, for the sheer ridiculous.

Thoughts on some army composition? Minus Coteaz. For now at least :P

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  1. It is amazing how three words can change your opinion. The Nemesis Force sword gives +1 invulnerable save "in close combat." Damn. Chalk another one up for the Paladins.

    This legitimately may have sealed the deal. Paladins it is.