Sunday, October 16, 2011

FrOG's Fury! Arkham Tournament 10-15-11

A very successful tournament! We had 12 participants in the tournament, each played three games. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. My parents provided some pizza for everyone (Thank you!), and we all had a great time.

Some comments about the Tournament:

Parameter Points:
I think this system actually worked out fairly well. We ended up with two 3-0 players, but the Parameter Points clearly show who was the more dominant player between the two. In addition, the painting score bonus, surprisingly, did have an effect on the overall score. The Best General brought Orks, that were very well painted. Lots of conversions, solid paint scheme, and every last model was painted. The bonus did help swing it in his favor at the end.

List checking:
I did have some problems with incorrect and illegal lists. I do not think this was done out of maliciousness, but it was the product of some math and reading errors. I need to find a way to check the lists for correctness ahead of time. I imagine an email based submission ahead of time is more appropriate. In the end, justice was met, and the player apologized. No harm, no foul.

Prize Support:
I think the prize support could have been a little better. I am debating whether to increase fees for increased prize support. I will have to ask the store crowd their feelings on the matter.

Mission Parameters:
I received a few critiques on this part. Some thought 5 objectives was too much, others thought it was fine, etc. For the time being, I feel that 5 objectives is as fair as I can possibly make it. It creates a balanced board making each game systematically the same. I want to see if I can develop a few more mission parameters for the next tournament, just to add some spice.

Overall, if I do say so myself, it was very well run and things went smoothly. On the flip side of things, let me do a little analysis of actual game play.

Orks took first place, and Dark Eldar took second and third. This was very surprising to me. I did not expect these rankings. I think the local meta supports a very infantry based outlook on the game. Pairings also took a tole on the games. In addition, there were no high tier codexes in play.
1 Orks, 3 Dark Eldar, 1 Daemons, 2 Chaos Space Marines, 1 Black Templar, 2 Space Marines, 1 Tyranids, and 1 Eldar.  Very atypical presentation of codexes. Black Templar player took Player's choice, and the Nurgle CSM earned the Best Painted award.

Both Orks and Dark Eldar contained a number of vehicles in their lists. The other players had very few vehicles. These two codexes dominate the infantry game, hence, they placed very well.

Terrain and lists were fairly balanced. Nothing crazy.

All in all, it was a great tournament. I hope to host more of these as time progresses. Please leave a comment if you have a question/critique/bitch/ or other constructive criticism.

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  1. I enjoyed playing with this method of scoring much more than I thought I would; the tiered victory conditions added some tactical depth and gave a real reason to keep fighting even when it was clear that the primary objective was a wash.

    Agreed with your assessment of the field. All Is Dust Mark II would have been a much better choice than the Daemons for this, but there was too much gray in that army. Maybe in December, assuming Necrons haven't killed every other army by then.