Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soul Grinder versus Daemon Prince?

So, I have been working on my thoughts for the Chaos Daemons army I am building. I wanted a force of "Destruction" to complete after my Tau are battle ready. The army will end up becoming a 40k side army, and I will work it to be a Fantasy main army.

As I go through the codex, there are just certain units that are clearly more viable than others. Beasts of Nurgle, for example, are incredibly useless. Random Poisoned Attacks, and just 2 Wounds for 35 points? They take up an elite slot too! No thank you.

I'll write up another post with all of the steals in the codex. In this post though, I want to get some opinion on this.

In the Heavy Support section, there are literally two choices. I can't decide which one I like better, however. Let's analyze the two choices:

Soul Grinder
135 points base with two 25 point upgrades: A short Battle Cannon and a short Railgun. It is the only vehicle in the army with 13 front and side armor and ignores shaken and stunned. The downfall comes into the BS of 3. The model is also massive, making cover a colossal pain to achieve. It does have fleet for the combat aspect, but disallows shooting... which you paid 25 points to do better.. ok.

It sounds pretty good.. here is my issue. It is the ONLY vehicle in the codex. That, in my mind, makes it an easy target for Lance Weapons, Meltaguns, and other pure vehicle killing weapons. In addition, to make it a viable shooting platform, it requires at least 25 extra points.  It doesn't seem like a worthy investment.

Daemon Prince
Base 80 points: BS 5 and 4 wounds make for a monster. The list of upgrades for them is huge, giving them ultimate flexibility. Adding in the shooting upgrades, it becomes a walking platform. Bolt and Gaze in concert can definite lay a hit on light tanks or 3+ armor troops.

Sadly, with all of the anti-tank weapons in most armies, they will definitely attract some fire. I think though, that with 4 wounds, they can withstand some fire, and it will require more than 1 round of shooting. *Shrug*

My thoughts are currently leaning towards the Prince. A seemingly more durable unit with better guns and BS. What do you all think?

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  1. There are two arguments in favor of Soul Grinders that I can make.

    1. Daemon Princes get shredded by volume of high strength shots. The threat varies a bit depending on build, but generally anything S5+ in volume will see them dead sooner rather than later. A Soul Grinder's AV value will let them shrug off that kind of firepower. It's definitely a trade-off, but there are times you will wish you had an AV 13 unit rather than a 4W T5 one.

    2. The Grinder's weapons just can't be had anywhere else in the codex. Not counting Kugath, it has 2 of the 3 template/blast attacks and our only ranged option for bringing down AV 14. Those are all useful (if imperfect) tools.

    Overall I think the Daemon Prince is more consistent in its performance than the Soul Grinder, but the latter has the possibility to really shine in some situations. I'm becoming less certain of the internet advice to field all of one or all of the other the longer I think about this. Used together they may be able to complement one anothers' weaknesses.