Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Theory on Tournament Scoring

So, all of today, I have been contemplating an unique format for a small sized 40k tournament. I have been brainstorming a number of ideas for the tournament.

A small sized tournament will end up specifically being 12 people. Arkham cannot comfortably hold more individuals than that. This is completely OK by me.
This does however, rule out the concept of a W/L/D strict tournament, because it would not necessitate a single victor with a 3-0 record. While I am saddened by this, I will look to a different method.

Battle points are a very flawed system of scoring. They are earned by somewhat arbitrary margins of victory. It also seems to lend itself to the types of armies who focus on crushing the enemy, as opposed to achieving victory. The system can also be gamed heavily, by throwing or drawing the first game and then taking advantage of the lower seeding to crush future opponents.

My new idea/system is the concept of using Victory Points to accrue over time of the three rounds, but also to indicate a win or a loss. We are all familiar to the concept of Victory Points. It scores your ability to cause damage to units over the course of the game. The points are accrued based the relative value of the unit and the damage you have caused. Why not apply this concept to each of the victory conditions?

Now, this does lead back to the NOVA style of 3 tiers of victory and each having relative value. It will mean more with the concept of victory points. I will get into specifics with
his tournament for sake of ease and to get my own juices flowing.

First Mission

Dawn of War

Victory Conditions: Kill Points, 5 Objectives, Table Quarters.

Default Tiebreaker is always straight Victory Points. It gives the most definite measure

compared to the others.

So, lets apply the idea of victory points.

This tournament is a 1500 point list tournament. 1500 is always the max points earned.

For the first victory condition, divide 1500 by the number of kill points in the list.  Each kill point is worth an equal amount. It creates an even ratio between the opponents based on the 1500 point scale.

There are 5 objectives. Divide 1500 by the number of objectives. Each is worth 300.

Finally table quarters. There are 4 quarters. Each quarter earned is worth 375.

Now when actually determing win-loss record, go in the order prescribed. If you earned more victory points based on kill points than your opponent, you win. If you tied, then move onto the 2nd. Then the 3rd, then straight victory points if need be.

In order to track overall progress through a tournament, keep track of all three tiers of victory conditions. These will determine which participant has dominated in several phases of the game. 

Any thoughts on this theory?

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