Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Game 1 of Four Horsemen Tournament

My first opponent was a Necron player who had been playing since July. Suffice it to say, he has been eagerly anticipating a new codex.

His list was incredibly simple, but it was still fairly effective.

Necron Lord- Warscythe, Ressurection orb, veil of darkness
10 Immortals
3 squads of 10 Warriors
2 Monoliths

It was pitched battle with a call back to 3rd edition with a recon mission. It was based primarily on kill points, but the recon objective was worth 5 kill points by itself.

The game was pretty close in the beginning. The monoliths prevented a good deal of my long range firepower due to being massive and blocking line of sight. When my wolf scouts and grey hunters moved into assault however, the game went south for the necrons. I phased him out, and I earned a massacre for the mission.

Great guy to play. Very friendly, and was a recent graduate of WVU Law and had just passed the BAR exam.

I was feeling good after the first round, taking an early 1st.

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