Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soul Grinder versus Daemon Prince?

So, I have been working on my thoughts for the Chaos Daemons army I am building. I wanted a force of "Destruction" to complete after my Tau are battle ready. The army will end up becoming a 40k side army, and I will work it to be a Fantasy main army.

As I go through the codex, there are just certain units that are clearly more viable than others. Beasts of Nurgle, for example, are incredibly useless. Random Poisoned Attacks, and just 2 Wounds for 35 points? They take up an elite slot too! No thank you.

I'll write up another post with all of the steals in the codex. In this post though, I want to get some opinion on this.

In the Heavy Support section, there are literally two choices. I can't decide which one I like better, however. Let's analyze the two choices:

Soul Grinder
135 points base with two 25 point upgrades: A short Battle Cannon and a short Railgun. It is the only vehicle in the army with 13 front and side armor and ignores shaken and stunned. The downfall comes into the BS of 3. The model is also massive, making cover a colossal pain to achieve. It does have fleet for the combat aspect, but disallows shooting... which you paid 25 points to do better.. ok.

It sounds pretty good.. here is my issue. It is the ONLY vehicle in the codex. That, in my mind, makes it an easy target for Lance Weapons, Meltaguns, and other pure vehicle killing weapons. In addition, to make it a viable shooting platform, it requires at least 25 extra points.  It doesn't seem like a worthy investment.

Daemon Prince
Base 80 points: BS 5 and 4 wounds make for a monster. The list of upgrades for them is huge, giving them ultimate flexibility. Adding in the shooting upgrades, it becomes a walking platform. Bolt and Gaze in concert can definite lay a hit on light tanks or 3+ armor troops.

Sadly, with all of the anti-tank weapons in most armies, they will definitely attract some fire. I think though, that with 4 wounds, they can withstand some fire, and it will require more than 1 round of shooting. *Shrug*

My thoughts are currently leaning towards the Prince. A seemingly more durable unit with better guns and BS. What do you all think?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Game 3 of the Four Horsemen Tournament

Game 3. After my loss to Ben, I was shooting for a third place. I could do it with a massacre and the bonus objective.

My opponent brought Space Marines.

5 Terminators with Assault Cannon
10 Sternguard in Land Raider with Combi-Meltas
10 Tactical Marines with Missile and Meltagun with Rhino (2)
5 Scouts with Snipers

There isn't much to say about this game... it was fairly one sided. My shooting far surpassed his, my speeders stopped the raider and other vehicles, My scouts killed his and terminators died to mass shooting and Njal. It was a rough battle. My opponent was a great guy and very fun.

Sure enough, I earned a Massacre and the bonus objective by doubling his victory points.

Long story short, earned 3rd, and a shiny Grey Knights codex!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

40k Tournament at Arkham Games

Arkham Games 2011 40k Tournament
Organized by the Frostburg Gamers (FrOGs)
Hosted by Arkham Games in LaVale

1500 points
3 Rounds
Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
Entry Fee: $5

All current 40k codexes are legal for this tournament. No ForgeWorld or homebrew rules allowed.

Participants should bring 5 copies of their list, codex, and current and appropriate FAQs. No argument may be made based on an FAQ, if the presenter does not have the FAQ in question. These FAQs may be found on the Games Workshop website.

Any rules disputes will be adjudicated by the Tournament Organizer. The utmost effort to determine the correct ruling will be put forth.

Please be a respectful and courteous individual. There is no game benefit for doing so, but as a participant, we ask for sportsman-like behavior. Acting inappropriately may cause disqualification or expulsion from the event. This includes cheating, inappropriate language, or a harmful act or attitude.

Most importantly, Have a good time!


Standard Deployments will be used.

The missions are scored by a Parameter Points system. There are 3 rotating victory conditions based on accruing Parameter Points. These three victory conditions are:

Kill Points: In order to determine how much a kill point is worth, take the number of potential kill points in your army and divide 1500 by this number, rounding up. This will determine the Parameter Point value of your kill points.
Example: Njal has 5 kill points in his army. To determine how much each kill point is worth, he divides 1500 by 5. He calculates each kill point to be worth 300 Parameter Points each. His opponent, Mephiston, destroys 3 of Njal's kill points at the conclusion of the game. Mephiston earns 900 Parameter Points for kill points.

Objectives: On each table, there will be 5 objectives. There will be one placed at each center point of the table quarters and one directly in the center of the board. Each objective is worth 300 Parameter Points. Follow the Warhammer 40k rulebook for the capturing of objectives. (Only troops can capture, any unit can contest. Etc)

Table Quarters: Table quarters will also count for a victory condition. Any unit can score in a table quarter. If there are opposing units in each table quarter, calculate victory points (as shown in the 40k rulebook) to determine which General controls the quarter. If a unit is reduced to half strength, then they are only worth half of the victory points to determine control of the quarter. Troop choices are an exception to this rule. They ALWAYS count for full value, no matter if the unit is reduced to 50%. Controlling a table quarter is worth 375 Parameter Points towards the mission objective.

Victory Points: This will always be the definitive tie-breaker for each mission. If opponents tie on each other mission Parameter Points, determine victory points, as stated in the 40k rulebook, to determine the overall winner.

Mission 1
Deployment: Dawn of War
Parameters: 1- Kill Points, 2- Objectives, 3- Table Quarters

Mission 2
Deployment: Spearhead
Parameters: 1- Table Quarters, 2- Kill Points, 3 Objectives

Mission 3
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Parameters: 1-Objectives, 2- Table Quarters, 3- Kill Points

Keep in mind, that no matter which Parameter achieves victory, all Parameter Points will be recorded to keep track of tournament progress. The overall victory point score (6,000 points possible in each game) will have an effect in the overall seeding and placing in the tournament.

Painting Score:
Up to 500 bonus Parameter Points will be awarded to a participant with a fully painted army. This is a one time bonus. 300 points are awarded for an army that is fully painted, 3 colors and mostly WYSIWYG. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. A higher point value will be given to an army that is of higher quality. Partially painted armies will be given some bonus depending on completeness and quality as it stands. WYSIWYG is also preferred for this tournament for clarity and ease of gaming. This will be considered in your painting score for a higher bonus. Counts as or converted models are allowed, simply be sure to inform your opponent.

Final Placing.
The person that wins all three of his games will place first. Second and Third will be determined by record and overall victory points earned during the tournament.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Theory on Tournament Scoring

So, all of today, I have been contemplating an unique format for a small sized 40k tournament. I have been brainstorming a number of ideas for the tournament.

A small sized tournament will end up specifically being 12 people. Arkham cannot comfortably hold more individuals than that. This is completely OK by me.
This does however, rule out the concept of a W/L/D strict tournament, because it would not necessitate a single victor with a 3-0 record. While I am saddened by this, I will look to a different method.

Battle points are a very flawed system of scoring. They are earned by somewhat arbitrary margins of victory. It also seems to lend itself to the types of armies who focus on crushing the enemy, as opposed to achieving victory. The system can also be gamed heavily, by throwing or drawing the first game and then taking advantage of the lower seeding to crush future opponents.

My new idea/system is the concept of using Victory Points to accrue over time of the three rounds, but also to indicate a win or a loss. We are all familiar to the concept of Victory Points. It scores your ability to cause damage to units over the course of the game. The points are accrued based the relative value of the unit and the damage you have caused. Why not apply this concept to each of the victory conditions?

Now, this does lead back to the NOVA style of 3 tiers of victory and each having relative value. It will mean more with the concept of victory points. I will get into specifics with
his tournament for sake of ease and to get my own juices flowing.

First Mission

Dawn of War

Victory Conditions: Kill Points, 5 Objectives, Table Quarters.

Default Tiebreaker is always straight Victory Points. It gives the most definite measure

compared to the others.

So, lets apply the idea of victory points.

This tournament is a 1500 point list tournament. 1500 is always the max points earned.

For the first victory condition, divide 1500 by the number of kill points in the list.  Each kill point is worth an equal amount. It creates an even ratio between the opponents based on the 1500 point scale.

There are 5 objectives. Divide 1500 by the number of objectives. Each is worth 300.

Finally table quarters. There are 4 quarters. Each quarter earned is worth 375.

Now when actually determing win-loss record, go in the order prescribed. If you earned more victory points based on kill points than your opponent, you win. If you tied, then move onto the 2nd. Then the 3rd, then straight victory points if need be.

In order to track overall progress through a tournament, keep track of all three tiers of victory conditions. These will determine which participant has dominated in several phases of the game. 

Any thoughts on this theory?

Game 2 of the Four Horsemen Tournament

Game 2 was against my good friend Ben (BlueEquis from Termagants Well Spent. Check the blog roll). I had promised him a game on the top table, and sure enough here we were. :)

His Daemons
Great Unclean One with Breath
2 Tzeentch Heralds with Bolt and Gaze
10 Daemonettes
10 Daemonettes
5 Plaguebearers
5 Plaguebearers
6 Fiends
10 Seekers
2 Tzeentch Daemon Princes with Bolt and Gaze

Pretty standard 1500 Daemons list. It's actually fairly similar to a list I hope to run in the future. I felt fairly confident in my ability to handle the foul chaos spawn. I took first turn hoping to cause some Dangerous Terrain tests with Njal, and I rolled an 11 for the Tempest... this was how the game went in terms of dice.

Ben placed all of his units perfectly, each one handling a portion of my army. It was very well coordinated. My shooting simply wasn't enough to cripple his assault capabilities. He earned a Major Victory fairly soundly.

Very hard-fought game as always with Ben. To be totally honest, if this was a NOVA style or W/L record, he would have earned a prize, not myself.

Great game, my friend.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Troll Deck in MtG

I have created an actually effective Troll deck in Magic. What does this deck consist of, you might ask? It contains Trolls, Trollhide, Thrun, and Counters to troll the opponent. It's actually a very fun deck, and it is somewhat effective.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Game 1 of Four Horsemen Tournament

My first opponent was a Necron player who had been playing since July. Suffice it to say, he has been eagerly anticipating a new codex.

His list was incredibly simple, but it was still fairly effective.

Necron Lord- Warscythe, Ressurection orb, veil of darkness
10 Immortals
3 squads of 10 Warriors
2 Monoliths

It was pitched battle with a call back to 3rd edition with a recon mission. It was based primarily on kill points, but the recon objective was worth 5 kill points by itself.

The game was pretty close in the beginning. The monoliths prevented a good deal of my long range firepower due to being massive and blocking line of sight. When my wolf scouts and grey hunters moved into assault however, the game went south for the necrons. I phased him out, and I earned a massacre for the mission.

Great guy to play. Very friendly, and was a recent graduate of WVU Law and had just passed the BAR exam.

I was feeling good after the first round, taking an early 1st.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Four Horsemen Results

So, I placed third at the tournament. I won $20 and then purchased the new Grey Knights codex, finally. I will write up some battle reports for each of the games and some overall musings.

A great experience overall. I met some really cool guys and had a great time.