Monday, August 1, 2011

I have done it!

So, as some may notice, I have been in a posting frenzy. The writing bug has bitten :P

I have been mentally slaving over each of the Power Armor codexes (that I own at least. BT, GK and DA may come soon as well :P ) to create a 2,000 point list for each. The idea is to use the themes and strengths of each codex to create a different style of list with each. Hopefully, they will each be different and competitive in their own right.

For each codex, the themes are simple:
Space Marines: Mechanized. Lots of gunboats with some solid scoring units. Tons of variety in shooting. Assault Capabilities are limited, but Combat Tactics will win the day :P
Blood Angels: Foot. FNP, Heavy Weapons, and possibly Mephiston to win the day.
Space Wolves: Rhino Rush with possible TWC.
Grey Knights: Paladins. Enough said.
Dark Angels: Ravenwing. I don't need another Terminator spam list :P
Black Templar: Black Tide. Cause it would be awesome.

Of course, these are long terms goals for my Power Armor collections. Awesome goals however. :)

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