Monday, August 1, 2011

Dreamwizards 1500 Tournament Game 2

I have found that the game after a defeat is always a little humbling. It makes you rethink your strategy and reconsider your moves. My opponent, Greg, had a similar experience, and we both agreed to just have some fun with it.

His list: Blood Angels

Furioso Dreadnought with Blood Talons
Sanguinary Priest
5 Assault Marines with meltagun, infernus pistol in a Drop Pod
10 Tactical Marines with Lascannon, Flamer
10 Tactical Marines with Lascannon, Flamer
3 5 Devastators with 4 Missiles with Rhinos

I ran the same Wolves list of course.

It was a very close game. The objectives were placed at the beginning of our first turn and then scattered as a normal scatter would. It became a huge cluster of objectives in the center. All of our troops moved into the center, and the entire battle was fought there. Both of our dice just didn't want to work. It was ridiculous. Mephiston periled on a test, which killed him; my Wolf Priest triple oned on a DC test, and it was just terrible dice.

In the end we tied on objectives, but I had maybe 300 victory points on him and earned one more battle point, thanks to a lone Wolf Scout squad. Very close game, but it was a good relaxing game.

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