Monday, August 1, 2011

Dreamwizards 1500 Tournament Game 3

The last game. The completion of a good day of gaming. My opponent was an Imperial Guard player named Reid. The objective: Kill points. Oh baby.

His list was filled with stuff. As I remember..

Command Squad with Lascannon
Platoon Blob of some sort filled with melta and power weapons
Alraheim and platoon
Rough Riders
Chimeras with melta vets
2 Sentinals with Autocannons
2 Leman Russes

I'm not great at remembering guard breakdown... too much stuff :P

The game was... very one sided. I tabled him at the bottom of the 6th, only because the Sentinals were in CC with one of my scouts. I moved into midfield and just got into close combat with everything. It was a very decisive victory.

However, Reid won best painted army! It looked fantastic on the table, and he had some well developed background. He also got a Tomahawk plaque. WTFAWESOMEBBQSAUCE.

So, overall, a good experience. While I would liked to have placed higher, I am satisfied with my record. The next tournament shall be better I'm sure.

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