Friday, July 8, 2011

FrAG 40k League

Well, I haven't been posting much recently. Life kept getting in the way, but gaming has been at a pleasant peak. 

I played my last game on Wednesday for the first leg of the 40k league hosted by FrAG, my hometown gaming group. For the first season, I went 2-3 accruing 3769 victory points. Not a bad showing. I am certainly content with this standing, especially with playing a new codex. I have learned a good deal about the Blood Angels, but that discussion is going to be set aside for another post :) .

As for the league itself, I think it has been an excellent endeavor. It gives a good deal of motivation to play more games, try new tactics, and for some to complete their hidden hobby projects. In addition, I have been playing more games amongst the club members; they are a great group of guys and I'm glad to have played all of my games.

The next leg of the league is coming up very soon. Look for my next post about the learning of Blood Angels and my next 1850 list.

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