Friday, July 15, 2011

The end of an era

So, this morning, I saw the last Harry Potter film. First off, it was an excellent movie, and I thought it did the ending of this epic tale justice. It was a very moving piece While I wasn't broken down crying like some of the attendees, I definitely felt a bittersweet twing at the end of the movie.

Harry Potter was the first novel length work of fiction I can remember reading. I was definitely a non-fiction reader or the occasional short children's book, but Harry Potter takes the first novel. It was the book that showed me the world of fantasy and fiction. I honestly think it was the first novel that launched me into becoming the voracious reader and writer that I am. While I have found less time for reading novels, I have found it in the non-fiction blogosphere.

I look now at the end of my childhood with this movie. I think about where I have been with these books, and I am glad for reading them. I wonder now what the next greatest series will be, and I hope I will be as close to it as I was to Harry Potter.

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