Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chain Quest for the List(s)

So, as my few readers have seen, I have been cranking out many different lists and codexes for the past couple weeks. From these brainstormings, I have made a second order decision (a decision about how to make decisions) concerning the codexes and lists.

I will write a 2,000 point list from each of the Power Armor codexes (Grey Knights too! Eventually. I have a lot of shooty terminators I will likely never use. They will make excellent GK Terminators, with the halberds of course)

The Space Marine codex will be the basis for my more fluffy rendition of the Shadow Guard. Interestingly enough, I got the name Shadow Guard from a 3.5 DND Supplement, where the Shadow Guard where the secret organization that the Church of Pelor used to smite evil and destroy opponents of the church. So, I thought I would make the chapter into just that: Religious Radicals bent on the destruction of their opponents.

So far, my dual land raider list seems like a good choice. Lots of holy fire and invincible warriors of the God Emperor. Any suggestions or changes to it to be more competitive? (Keeping to the holy fire/holy warrior idea. Redeemers aren't necessary, but two Land Raiders is just plain fun.)

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