Friday, May 27, 2011

Space Wolves

Ah, the codex near and dear to my heart. I have been playing Space Wolves as my first real army (Alas, Grey Knights weren't possible on a 13 year old income.) With the new codex, they totally changed and have become arguably the best codex in the game. So let's take a look at why:


Grey Hunters: Best troops choice in the game. Up to 2 special weapons, Wolf Standards, and Wolf Guard. Aww yeah.

Counter Attack: This makes your Grey Hunters just as scary to charge as they are on the charge. Great tactical flexibility

Acute Senses: Great for the pesky Dawn of War game. It will help with your firepower on the first turn.

Rune Priests: Jesus these are awesome. Living Lightning by itself is a great power. The others are just as good. Along with an excellent psy defense. 4+ = remove the power.

Wolf Scouts: These give multiple angles of attacks. From the back or the side, they attack vehicles and infantry just as well.

Thunderwolves: Enough said. Mobility, Strength, and Wounds.

Long Fangs: Split fire?

So, just these facts alone make the codex great. Here is the main problem with the codex. It would hard to argue any others.


Leadership: LD 8 sucks. Even with a Wolf Guard, it's tough. The major issue with the codex is the lack of strong leadership and morale bonuses.

So, the result? Space Wolves are the best Marine codex. In my opinion, none can beat them. Maybe I am biased though :P


  1. The Wolves are a nasty codex to face, but I'm not sure they're superior to the more recent power armored codices. Grey Hunters are monstrously efficient, especially when combined with Razorbacks, but so are Blood Angel Assault squads and Grey Knight Strike squads. Thunderwolf Cavalry is fast and hard hitting, but those aren't unique qualities either. The same with Rune Priests - they bring useful abilities to the table, but aren't necessarily better than their counterparts.

    Space Wolves get extra HQ slots, cheap Missile Launchers, and better Scouts, but these aren't big enough advantages to make them clearly superior to the other Marine chapters. They're definitely on par with the others, but aren't necessarily superior. Additionally the codex is a little uneven in terms of point costs and effectiveness - when was the last time you saw Blood/Swift/Skyclaws on the field?

  2. Disagree!

    They have cheaper and stronger close combat capabilities than blood angels. They have characters that benefit their entire army. They get extra HQ slots just in case you want to spam priests or lords. They have cheap devastators that can take an extra weapon AND split fire. They have the most points efficient and flexible troop choice in the game.

    Blood Angels are good, but they are expensive and don't have the flexibility that Space Wolves have. Wolves can make any kind of list work. Whether you want a terminator rush, a million man march, a drop pod list, or a stand off list, you can do it. Blood Angels will always have an edge on assault and mobility, but not much else.

    Grey Knights are easily countered by an abundance of anti-psyker defenses, such as psychic hoods and runes of warding. They also suffer from a lack of long ranged firepower. The Psyfleman dreadnought is really their only 48" ranged weapon. While they are nasty now, it's only a matter of time before people realize how to beat them and start rolling them over. It's a fine codex, but wolves have the edge in list building flexibility and efficiency, range, assault, and psychic powers.

    You don't see blood claws either on foot, in rhino, on jump packs, or on bikes because they are bad. There are more viable choices than taking them. You don't need jump infantry, you have the best rhino rushers in the game. You don't need bikes, they are over-priced and inferior, again, to grey hunters and wolf guard. You don't need blood claws, because they suffer from weapon skill 3 and a bad special rule. Even without these choices, you still have incredible list building variety because of the different roles grey hunters and wolf guard can take.