Monday, May 16, 2011

New Phyrexia Release

With the release of New Phyrexia, I think MTG is going to evolve into a new beast unlike we have ever seen before. There are a TON of awesome cards, which unlike most sets, are not all Mythics. Here are some aspects I see throwing the game into a new direction.

1. Phyrexian Mana (I don't know the official title, but that's my name for it.)- Pay 1 Colored Mana or two Life. This will make the game go a LOT faster, and it will change the dynamic of most decks. Suddenly, Life Points are an extra pool of Mana, not just a win condition. It also brings some legitimacy to a Life Gain deck instead of "Her Her, you can't kill me."

2. Infect- While this isn't a new mechanic, there is a massive proliferation (Get the joke? :P ) of it in New Phyrexia. Red infect creatures? Seriously?

3. Colorless... everything- There are so many artifact creatures now in this set, that a colorless deck is completely feasible, particularly with the addition of the Phryrexian Mana. There is even a colorless Planeswalker in Karn the Liberated, who is literally a exile/reset button machine.

There are some wicked combinations within this deck that haven't even been touched. I know I have a couple buddies who are onto something incredibly powerful. I really enjoy this new set, and I have quite a number of the new cards already. I just wonder what other builds will emerge from it in the future.

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