Friday, May 6, 2011

Fantasy anyone?

So, I played a game of Warhammer Fantasy against my friend Chris on Thursday. I played my Dwarves list against his Dark Elves. I learned a number of things about Fantasy from this game.

1. Premeasuring is god for me. I can make all of my artillery and shooting incredibly effective. When you can mathmatically calculate the best estimate for your artillery by simply measuring, it takes the guessing out of a guessing weapon. Sillyness.
2. Dwarf artillery is awesome. Hands down.
3. I need Magic Shutdown. Bad. Thankfully, I play Dwarves and magic negation is the name of our game.

Overall, I got my stumpy ass beat. Purple Sun of Xerxes is a nasty spell, particularly against my Dwarfs. I hope to get more games in and try out some new tactics.

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