Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blood Angels

Blood Angels are a very unique style of marines. They hit hard and fast. Looking at them, there are some pros that immediately appear.


Prolific amount of Feel No Pain: This helps every man be much more survivable. 10 Marines with FNP tends to withstand most torrenting firepower. The Sanguinary Priests are pretty much the keystone of the Blood Angels

Furious Charge: S5 and I5 is awesome in combat. Although, if you don't kill a lot on the initial charge, it tends to slow down the assault.

Fast Vehicles: 18" moving Rhinos? Aww yeah. 12" and firing a Vindicator? Aww yeah.

Mephiston: Combat monster.

Descent of Angels: I see the benefit of this rule, but on the whole I'm not entirely moved.

Now along with this, there are several cons associated with the Vampire Marines.


Expensive: 50 Point Rhinos? Gahh. This is true of the whole codex. They can get expensive quickly. It's really the major problem with the codex, but this issue matters a WHOLE lot.

Random Fearless: This is good in a very few situations. Overall, Fearless wounds sucks.. Fearless Devastators are awesome though.

This codex is very flavorful. I love it so far, it certainly suits my style of play much better. Space Wolves are also appealing though... I will have more thoughts soon.

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