Saturday, May 28, 2011

And the results:

Blood Angels.

I really want to try and get better using this codex.It has a lot of potential left unexplored. The idea of tons of FNP and furious charge is awesome to me. Let's give it a shot then.

Thanks everyone for the input! I appreciate it!

PS. Grey Knights weren't evaluated simply cause I don't have the codex :P

Friday, May 27, 2011

Space Wolves

Ah, the codex near and dear to my heart. I have been playing Space Wolves as my first real army (Alas, Grey Knights weren't possible on a 13 year old income.) With the new codex, they totally changed and have become arguably the best codex in the game. So let's take a look at why:


Grey Hunters: Best troops choice in the game. Up to 2 special weapons, Wolf Standards, and Wolf Guard. Aww yeah.

Counter Attack: This makes your Grey Hunters just as scary to charge as they are on the charge. Great tactical flexibility

Acute Senses: Great for the pesky Dawn of War game. It will help with your firepower on the first turn.

Rune Priests: Jesus these are awesome. Living Lightning by itself is a great power. The others are just as good. Along with an excellent psy defense. 4+ = remove the power.

Wolf Scouts: These give multiple angles of attacks. From the back or the side, they attack vehicles and infantry just as well.

Thunderwolves: Enough said. Mobility, Strength, and Wounds.

Long Fangs: Split fire?

So, just these facts alone make the codex great. Here is the main problem with the codex. It would hard to argue any others.


Leadership: LD 8 sucks. Even with a Wolf Guard, it's tough. The major issue with the codex is the lack of strong leadership and morale bonuses.

So, the result? Space Wolves are the best Marine codex. In my opinion, none can beat them. Maybe I am biased though :P

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blood Angels

Blood Angels are a very unique style of marines. They hit hard and fast. Looking at them, there are some pros that immediately appear.


Prolific amount of Feel No Pain: This helps every man be much more survivable. 10 Marines with FNP tends to withstand most torrenting firepower. The Sanguinary Priests are pretty much the keystone of the Blood Angels

Furious Charge: S5 and I5 is awesome in combat. Although, if you don't kill a lot on the initial charge, it tends to slow down the assault.

Fast Vehicles: 18" moving Rhinos? Aww yeah. 12" and firing a Vindicator? Aww yeah.

Mephiston: Combat monster.

Descent of Angels: I see the benefit of this rule, but on the whole I'm not entirely moved.

Now along with this, there are several cons associated with the Vampire Marines.


Expensive: 50 Point Rhinos? Gahh. This is true of the whole codex. They can get expensive quickly. It's really the major problem with the codex, but this issue matters a WHOLE lot.

Random Fearless: This is good in a very few situations. Overall, Fearless wounds sucks.. Fearless Devastators are awesome though.

This codex is very flavorful. I love it so far, it certainly suits my style of play much better. Space Wolves are also appealing though... I will have more thoughts soon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vanilla Space Marines

So there seems to be a consensus amongst my 3 readers (Thanks guys!) that the Vanilla Codex is the best of the Power Armor codexes. Their argument, which is certainly sound, is that the Codex is incredibly flexible and allows for many different kinds of builds. This is very true. Even without the use of special characters, there are at least half a dozen viable builds from the codex.

Here are the pros and cons as I see them in this particular codex. (I intend to make a post about each Marine Codex.)

Combat Tactics: At first when I read this rule, 4 years ago, I scoffed. Why would you want to run away from combat? The thought was silly. Oh, maturity. Now I completely understand the purpose. 10 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield Terminators? Hell yeah I'm gonna get out of there! The use of combat tactics allows for the rest of your army to torrent the enemy to death, preferably before they chase your unit off the board. This is the epitome of flexibility within the book.

Combat Squads: During the Arkham Insanity Tournament, I heavily used combat squads. Multiplying my scoring units by two, allowing for a mobile Meltagun, and a static Lascannon is too good to pass up. Space Wolves do not have this option, which isn't all that awful, but it can still make a big difference.

Outfield/Midfield Shooting: Holy hell are Vanilla Marines good at this. Riflemen Dreads, Dakka Preds, Typhoon Speeders, Razorbacks, the Vanilla Codex has it all.

Null Zone: This is money by itself. Re-rolling those passed 3+ invulnerable saves? Yes please.

Assault Terminators: Speaking of 3+ invulnerable saves, these guys are definitely good at that. It seems strange to me that people speak of their inability to mobile. Gate of Infinity and Null Zone Librarian? I can tell you from experience that these guys are perfectly mobile with him around. They are also the cheapest out of the Marine codexes.

Special Characters: Tons of cool characters is always a bonus. They allow for such a variety of builds and playstyles. Taking them can allow for thematic and effective army lists.


These are the cons of the codex as I see them. These are in direct comparison to the other Marine codexes. Some people may disagree. If you do, say something!

Expensive Troop choices: In order to get that nice Meltagun or Multi-melta/Lascannon, you have to buy 10 Space Marines per squad... sigh. So an extra 80 point investment before getting the necessary 5 point investment? G. D. That doesn't even include the Rhino transport. Grey Hunters are much cheaper and they can have a Meltagun with 5 men with a Wolf Standard and a special CC weapon.

Lack of Mobile Close Combat threat: This, to me, is big. The ability to fight in Close Combat AND to have massive torrents of shooting is very important. So the lack of CC besides the Assault Terminators is obnoxious. Assault Squads are not very effective and Dreadnoughts are far too slow. Vanguard can be very effective, but they are often way too pricey to be worth it.

These are the two big problems in my opinion. Overall though I give the codex a definite thumbs up. It is certainly in the running for the codex of choice, but I'll need to do some more analysis before I make my final decision. I should have about another week to decide.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Which Power Armor Codex is best?

I was thinking about this the other day: Which Space Marine codex is the best? They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but which performs the best on the table-top? I'll start making some posts about each codex giving my opinions on each of them; it may help make a rather important decision for the number couple months of gaming :P

PS. Not chaos. They stink.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gaming Stores

Every games store needs some essential items. These are really quite simple:

1. Product availability: You need to actually have your shelves stocked or have a very simple ordering system. It should not require a ton of effort by the customer to do this.

2. Product knowledge: Know what the hell you are talking about. At least go onto the internet and look it up. Not hard at all. It's even better when you play the games

3. Gaming space: It can be created if one tries hard enough. If not now, plan to expand in the future. Gamers often need a dedicated space to play their games. It also builds a community in which more people will play.

4. Specials: There should be some level of special, discount, deal, package. Try to make it unique and interesting. Of course, profits are profits, but gamers really appreciate a deal.

Perfect example:

Rapture tonight

Well, If I am doomed to be tormented for however long, it was nice knowing you folks. It's been fun.

Friday, May 20, 2011

So.. many.. cards...

I have been in a very Magic mood recently, and I went through all of my cards. I have too many cards than I know what to do with!

So I took my rares of my 3 favorite colors, Red, Blue, and Black, and I constructed three new decks.

Red/Blue Control: It has a number of Creature Destruction, Counters, and Direct Damage. It is not nearly as good as my old Red/Blue, but it's a start in the right direction.

Blue Deck Control: Jace's Erasure, Scrying, and the Sphinxes are the mainstay of this deck. Lots of manipulation.

Black Shades: I can't quite explain why, but I love the Shade cards. The ability to bolster them with Swamps is awesome. So, I built a Shade deck with a number of opponent discard cards, just to piss them off.

I will be play-testing these decks soon enough, and we shall see how they run. I still have all my other decks, but I want to try some new stuff out.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mantic Games

With the influx of hatred for GW and their price increases, I have been seeing the name Mantic Games thrown around a lot more. I took a look at their lines of models, and I have to say they don't look too bad. The Dwarf models in particular really caught my eye.

In addition, they have announced a Science Fiction line of models to come out very soon. I think for a much better price, these models would definitely do the trick. Particularly with Fantasy. Fantasy, for me, is a fun type of game, much better than the previous edition. It is not nearly as competitive. (Pre-measure Dwarf Artillery?)

What do you guys think about 3rd party miniatures?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2500 Blood Angels

This is a 2500 Blood Angels list I threw together for a game today with my buddy Leigh. Blood Angels does the expensive scariness well. So, I'm gonna try it out:


10 Tactical Squads-210
Meltagun, Multi-Melta
Sergeant with Combi-Weapon, Power Fist

10 Tactical Squads-210
Meltagun, Multi-Melta
Sergeant with Combi-Weapon, Power Fist

15 Death Company-500
2 Power Fists and Lemartes
Land Raider-260

2 Priests-130
Power Weapons

Land Speeder-70
Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer

Land Speeder-70
Multi-Melta, Heavy

10 Devastators-210
4 Missile Launchers

10 Devastators-210
4 Missile Launchers

5 Assault Marines-140
Meltagun, Lightning Claw Serg

5 Assault Marines-140
Meltagun, Lightning Claw Serg

Another price increase? With Resin Cast?

GW strikes again with the price increases. Do they really think people appreciate the price increases? It's an expensive hobby to begin with! Why do they do this?

Now, I think I don't mind the change to resin. It's definitely a nice refrain from the metal models. We shall have to see though.

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Phyrexia Release

With the release of New Phyrexia, I think MTG is going to evolve into a new beast unlike we have ever seen before. There are a TON of awesome cards, which unlike most sets, are not all Mythics. Here are some aspects I see throwing the game into a new direction.

1. Phyrexian Mana (I don't know the official title, but that's my name for it.)- Pay 1 Colored Mana or two Life. This will make the game go a LOT faster, and it will change the dynamic of most decks. Suddenly, Life Points are an extra pool of Mana, not just a win condition. It also brings some legitimacy to a Life Gain deck instead of "Her Her, you can't kill me."

2. Infect- While this isn't a new mechanic, there is a massive proliferation (Get the joke? :P ) of it in New Phyrexia. Red infect creatures? Seriously?

3. Colorless... everything- There are so many artifact creatures now in this set, that a colorless deck is completely feasible, particularly with the addition of the Phryrexian Mana. There is even a colorless Planeswalker in Karn the Liberated, who is literally a exile/reset button machine.

There are some wicked combinations within this deck that haven't even been touched. I know I have a couple buddies who are onto something incredibly powerful. I really enjoy this new set, and I have quite a number of the new cards already. I just wonder what other builds will emerge from it in the future.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Overcoming Defeat

We have all had those games where we just got absolutely stomped by our opponent. You thought you had everything arranged perfectly, the list maximized, and it just all falls apart. It happens.

The important thing to do is to not let this defeat completely destroy yourself. Here are things I do when analyzing a defeat:

1. Calm Down- I know I don't think well when I'm feeling down. Sit down and relax.
2. Think about what happened: Pinpoint the problems. Was it deployment? Or the dice? What went wrong?
3. How can I change that?: List alterations? Strategy change? All of the options should be explored before simply giving up.

I have found that getting beaten hard can really show me more than winning easily. I learn wayyy more. The trick is to get the most out of it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where did the time go?

So, as of today, I have completed my first year of college classes. What a crazy ride it has been. I have certainly grown and changed as a person, in good ways I certainly hope. I have learned more about myself and others, and I have made friends that will hopefully last a life-time.

Sadly, as I leave Frostburg, my ability to get in games of Warhammer (40K) will be limited. I'll be away from beloved Arkham. This does, however, usually indicate a growth in posting! No class allows for quite a bit of extra drafting and blogging to occur. Look for more posting in the future.

Also, this is post number 101. 100 posts! Woo!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fantasy anyone?

So, I played a game of Warhammer Fantasy against my friend Chris on Thursday. I played my Dwarves list against his Dark Elves. I learned a number of things about Fantasy from this game.

1. Premeasuring is god for me. I can make all of my artillery and shooting incredibly effective. When you can mathmatically calculate the best estimate for your artillery by simply measuring, it takes the guessing out of a guessing weapon. Sillyness.
2. Dwarf artillery is awesome. Hands down.
3. I need Magic Shutdown. Bad. Thankfully, I play Dwarves and magic negation is the name of our game.

Overall, I got my stumpy ass beat. Purple Sun of Xerxes is a nasty spell, particularly against my Dwarfs. I hope to get more games in and try out some new tactics.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A New Gaming Club

So, I have made a one small step for mankind and one large step for gamer kind...

Here on campus, I have been working to create a gaming club. We have a faculty adviser, and we are creating a full working constituion. We hope to create many events on campus, maybe including some charity work. I'm hoping to make this a great success.

I never knew how hard it was to create a constitution. Just imagine our founders. I would probably explode.

More on this hopefully in the future.