Sunday, April 3, 2011


So, The Eternal Warriors podcast has now made a larger emphasis on the Warmachine game and models. I also know that there is quite a showing of Warmachine at my former gaming store, and a player or two at the current one.

I am curious as to the nature of the game. I have never really played or even seen a game of Warmachine occur.

Anyone have any opinions or thoughts about it? It would never really be more than a skirmish game system for me, just a game I could play as an aside. 40k will be my one true love. =]

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  1. I love the TEW guys but whenever they talk about that other game my eyes glaze over. I've looked at it to the point I know I'd go Cryx if I did try it. It's just that the game holds absolutely no interest to me. I know no one that plays it and no one looking to start. It's just not an interesting universe for me. I hate the whole "lose one guy and you lost" function...largely why I don't touch my Vampire Counts much. It just isn't drawing me in like 40k did and Fantasy is getting to. It's still pretty new though so maybe somewhere down the line when its more established I may consider it, but for now my vote is no. I will say that GW could certainly learn a thing or two from their company but good luck getting our beloved dinosaur to try to evolve.