Monday, April 18, 2011

Thunder... Lizards?

So, a friend of mine at Arkham was playing a game of Fantasy with his Dark Elves. I took a look at one of these Cold One Knights and measured it up to a Space Marine. My brain made a giant leap.

What if I used these Cold Ones as mounts for a TWC counts as? That to me sounds epic. I really don't like the appeal or idea of a giant wolf mount; a lizard is much more appealing. It also ties into my own chapter fluff, and it could create some interesting background and stories. I am digging this idea.


  1. It seems like they might need some conversion or cyber parts to get the feel just right, but overall I like the idea. The Bloodcrusher models might work a bit better with Space Marine models just for sheer size, but if the Cold Ones look better to you, go for it.

  2. I agree that would be a better size, but I wanted to avoid using the Juggernaut model. No Chaos taint in the Shadow Guard!

    Maybe some converting will be necessary, but I think they will look pretty good. I'll just need some dreadnought bases to put them on, and it will be perfectly fine game-wise.

  3. But we all know Space Wolves are the real Chaos Marines codex! Agreed that they could definitely look good with some work, but I've been kinda wary of substituting the fantasy cavalry sized models since I started seeing pictures of "Thunderhoof" cavalry online. No degree of painting can make a Space Marine on a charger look good.

  4. I actually looked at the Dark Elf Cold Ones, and I realized that they are much too small. The Lizardmen Cold Ones are slightly bigger, and they may do the trick. John (at Arkham) showed me a big Dinosaur that would look excellent for a Leader model.

    I think this idea has some potential.