Sunday, April 3, 2011

Battle Report: Shadow Guard vs. Chaos Space Marines

So last thursday, March 31st, I played a 1500 point game with a friend of mine at the game store named Wes. Wes plays Chaos Space Marines, and I figured with the activity I've had about the CSM, I thought I would get a game in with him!

His list:

Daemon Prince (Which is actually a Cthulu model!) -150
Mark of Nurgle, Wings

10 Chaos Space Marines-180

20 Chaos Space Marines-400
Icon of Khorne

10 Plague Marines-230

10 Khorne Berserkers-210

6 Raptors-120

2 Obliterators-150

50 Models in a 1500 list... jesus.

I tried a new variation on my original 1500 Shadow Guard:

Pedro Kantor-175



10 Sternguard-300
5 Combi-Meltas, Power Fist
Drop Pod-35

10 Tactical Marines-185
Lascannon, Meltagun

10 Tactical Marines-185
Lascannon, Meltagun

6 Devastators-166
4 Missile Launchers

6 Devastators-166
4 Missile Launchers

It was a Pitched Battle, "Capture the Draw" mission. Here are some pics of the intial set-up:

Wes Turn 1
Movement Phase: Khorne Berserkers drive foward and pop smoke. His Vindicator moves foward 6 inches, as do his Raptors and IoK Mod. The Cthulu also flies foward.
Shooting: Running Mob, Cthulu and Raptors. The Vindicator fires and knocks out 2 Missile Launchers and Marine from the far left Devs. The Oblitz completely whiff on the Dreadnought with Lascannons
No Assaults.

Dobie Turn 1
Movement Phase: I move the Dreadnought and Rhinos foward towards his objective (The Skaven). I drop my Sternguard in the middle of his force, taking a massive gamble. They land directly in the middle of everything. BIG BALLZ.
Shooting: I stun the Rhino with some missiles. Everything else misses. The Sternguard kills 9 of the Angry Marines, but a sternguard falls to a gets hot roll. Chaos Marines pass leadership.
No Assaults.

Wes Turn 2

Movement: He again drives 6 inches with the Vindicator, the Khorne, and the Raptors. He moves all of the CSM and Plague Marines to kill my Sternguard.
Shooting: He kills a Dev with the Vindicator and shoots 5 Sternguard. Crap.
Assault: Wes charges the Sternguard with all of the marines, dishing out about over 100 dice worth of attacks. After all of his attacks, he only kills 3 and puts 1 wound on Pedro. Pedro retaliates and knocks out 3 Plague Marines and the Sternguard knocked out 1 Marine. Tied combat? Shit. He also charges Cthulu into my other Dreadnought, immobilizing and pulling off the DCC. Damn

Aaron Turn 2

Movement: The Rhino moves foward, releasing its Tactical Squad. The other Rhino also moves over in preparation.
Shooting: The Tactical Squad pops out and kills the Raptors. The Devs kill a few Berserkers.
Assault: Pedro takes one wound, and the Sternguard are swiftly killed. Pedro kills 2 Plague Marines and a CSM dies. Won combat? Jesus Christ. 1 Plague Marine dies to No Retreat! The CSM pass leaderships.

Wes Turn 3
Movement: Khorne and the Rhino move foward.
Shooting: The far right Dreadnought blows up!
Assault: Khorne fail difficult terrain test, Cthulu wrecks the Dreadnought, and Pedro is defeated.

Aaron Turn 3
Movement: Moved Rhino with Tactical Marines foward.
Shooting: Combined shooting of both squads puts only 3 Wounds on Cthulu. The Devs kills 2 more Berserks, and the far right Devs kill two Angry Marines.
No Assaults

Wes Turn 4
Movement: Wes moved the Plague Marines back onto the objective. He Cthulu into charging ranges, as well as the Khorne Berserkers.
Shooting: Plasma Cannon kills 3 Tactical Marines (Squad 2). They break and run 11 inches back.
Assault: The Khorne charge Squad 1 and kill 4, taking only one casualty. Cthulu kills Rhino. The CSM also grenade the Drop Pod into oblivion.

At this point, Squad 2 falls off the board, the Khorne will mop up the Marines with help from Cthulu. I call it and concede defeat to Wes. 50 Models is a TON to handle, and I took a massive bite and choked with my Sternguard. The Dreadnoughts were a waste of points. I'm gonna stick with my normal Assault Terminator/Librarian group. Kudos to Wes for a victory and a great game! 

Final Pictures: 


  1. Have you ever thought of Combat Squading the Sternguard? Two 5 man groups seem like they'd be ideal troubleshooters, especially if you got both a pair of Razorbacks for added firepower and protection - buy one for the unit and one for the Devastators, then have a squad steal the Devs' ride.

    It provides a nice punch, but I'm not sure I've ever seen that Drop Pod Sternguard squad really come through for you.

  2. I have done that before, and I wasn't all that thrilled. It was nice to have the multiple targets getting a melta-gun, but after that they were a little... isolated.

    The Sternguard have done me some major good in previous games. I have found when I play a lot more conservatively with them, they survive a lot longer, and provide a lot more damage.