Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Battle Report: Shadow Guard vs. Blood Angels

Saturday. April 2nd. Blood was shed at the Arkham Games... Blood Angel blood! My buddy Kyle wanted to test out a new list based around Sanguinary Guard. So, I brought the Shadow Guard to the battlefield. We played a 2,000 point Pitched Battle, Annihilation Mission.

Kyle's 2,000 Blood Angels



5 Sanguinary Guard
   Death Masks, 5 Infernus Pistols, Power Fist

5 Sanguinary Guard
   Death Masks, Power Fist

5 Sanguinary Guard
   Chapter Banner

Furioso Librarian Dreadnought
   Wings of Sanguinus, Shield of Sanguinus

Furioso Librarian Dreadnought
   Wings of Sanguinus, Shield of Sanguinus

3 Sanguinary Priests


I brought my Shadow Guard list, buffed up to a 2,000 point list.

Pedro Kantor-175

Epistolary, Null Zone, Gate of Infinity

10 Sternguard-285
Power Fist, 2 Combi Meltas
Drop Pod-35

10 Assault Terminators-400 (Some were Green Terminators I borrowed =P )

10 Tactical Marines-205
Sergeant with Power Weapon and Meltabombs, Lascannon, Meltagun

10 Tactical Marines-205
Sergeant with Power Weapon and Meltabombs, Lascannon, Meltagun

Land Speeder-70
Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer

Land Speeder-70
Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer

6 Devastators-166
4 Missile Launchers

6 Devastators-166
4 Missile Launchers

Initial Deployment Pictures:

Kyle Turn 1
Pre-Game: Kyle assigns Dante's Death Mask to my Librarian reducing WS, A, and W by 1. Ugh. The Sanguinor also challenges Pedro. None of his models rolled for the Red Thirst.
Movement: Everything goes forward.
Shooting: Units run for varying distances.
No Assault

Dobie Turn 1
Movement: Land Speeders fly forward. The Terminators teleport in front of the Golden Horde. The Sternguard also drop in front. The Rhinos moves into position to lay down some Lascannon shots.
Shooting: The left Land Speeder shot down a Sanguinary Guard. The right Land Speeder immobilized the Dreadnought. Sternguard shooting knock out a guard, and the right Devastators rip off the multi-melta from the Dreadnought.

Kyle Turn 2
Movement: Everything keeps on flying foward
Shooting: The infernus pistol squad wreck the Drop Pod. The Sternguard absorb the fire, and then recieve a charge from one squad of Sanguinary Guard and the Sanguinor.
Assault: The Sanguinary Guard and Sanguinor kill off 8 of the Sternguard with Furious Charge. My power fist puts a wound on the Sanguinor and Pedro kills the Sanguinary Priest. The Sternguard hold.

Dobie Turn 2
Movement: The Terminators move foward towards the right Sanguinary Guard. My rhinos move closer into position for a well-timed bolter torrent.
Shooting: One Furioso is shaken. The Dreadnought is wrecked by Missile Launchers on the right.
Assault: The Terminators charge the Sanguinary Guard, and are wiped out by Lightning Claws! One Terminator does bite the dust. On the Sternguard combat, the rest of the Sternguard are wiped out. Pedro lives with 1 wound! He holds.

Kyle Turn 3
Movement: The last Sanguinary Guard squad fly over to the Assault Terminators.
Shooting: The Land Speeder is stunned on the left side, and recieves a charge from a Furisoso.
Assault: 3 of the Terminators are killed, but the entire Sanguinary Guard squad is wiped out!

Dobie Turn 3
Movement: The Tactical Squads move into the fray and ready their bolters on the Sanguinary Guard
Shooting: Both full tactical squads open fire and kill the Sanguinor! The missiles also kill off the Furioso with shots to the back.
Assault: My Terminators assault a lone Sanguinary Priest and is quickly wiped out.

Kyle Turn 4
Movement: The last Sanguinary Guard moves into charge range of the Terminators
Shooting: The Guard open fire onto the Terminators and kill off one.
Assault: The Sanguinary Guard kill a Lightining Claw Terminator and the Librarian. The Terminators retaliate and wipe out the squad to a man.

Dobie turn 4
Movement: I moved the speeders behind the last Furioso Dreadnought. I move one of the Tacticals to prepare a meltagun for the Dreadnought, and the other to charge and kill the last Sanguinary Guard.
Shooting: The Furioso blows up and actually kills 2 of my marines.
Assault: Power Weapon Sergeant kills the last Guard! Game over!

Quite a blood bath. Kyle is always an entertaining player, and it was an excellent game. Chalk up a win for the Shadow Guard.


  1. Aaron, this is an excellent report. You might try to make the pictures bigger though.

    Tell Kyle that he needs to drop the Sanguinor, get rid of the death masks and put some more Infernus pistols on the Sanguinary guard.

    Drop those dreadnoughts and get some Honor Guard bubblewrap for the Sanguinary Guard.


  2. Thank you Mike. I will certainly make the pictures bigger.

    I will tell Kyle. Honor Guard can take Storm Shields correct?

  3. I also need to try and get a hold of a better quality camera. I have been using the camera on my phone, which isn't too bad, but it could be a whole lot better.

  4. You can pick up a cheap digital.
    The one I use is about 10 years old and it gives me the quality I need.

    Honor guard can take storm shields. If you do it right, your opponent gets to choose between firing at the Honor Guard 3+/3++ FNP or the Sanguinary Guard 2+/4++ FNP.