Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Battle Report!

So, my friend Kyle and I played a 1500 point game of 40k the other night. I took some pictures of the game, and I decided to write up this short battle report. I haven't really done a whole lot of this before, but I am interested in trying to get better at it.

I brought the Shadow Guard.

Pedro Kantor
Librarian-Null Zone, Gate of Infinity
10 Sternguard- 2 Meltaguns and a Power Fist with Drop Pod
10 Tactical Marines with Lascannon and Meltagun
10 Tactical Marines with Lascannon and Meltagun
6 Devastators-4 Missile Launchers
6 Devastators-4 Missile Launchers

Kyle brought a list that was atypical of his normal lists. It had some sizable numbers!

Librarian with Wings and Shield
10 Tactical Marines with Plasma Gun and Plasma Cannon
10 Tactical Marines with Plasma Gun and Plasma Cannon
5 Sanguinary Guard
5 Devastators- 2 Lascannons, Missile Launcher, Multi-Melt

The mission and set up was Seize Ground on a Spearhead deployment. 

I took the first turn. I dropped my Sternguard in the center of the board, claiming and holding the middle objective. I split my tactical squads in Combat Squads, and I advanced the left squad forward, starting out toward the far objective. Lascannons and Missiles took some shots downfield at the Marines, busting 4 or 5 off the bat. 

Kyle responded with a quick jump from the Sanguinary Guard and Mephiston, directly charging the Sternguard in the center. He didn't have much in the way of long range firepower, and he missed most of his devs shots. His guard, however, wiped most of the Sternguard due to a priest with FC nearby. -_-. Pedro held on and managed to knock out a few guard. Stubborn test passed. 

My next turn, the Librarian and Terminator Posse counter charge the Sanguinary Guard and Mephiston. They manage to wipe out Mephiston (Force Weapon!) and kill off a few guard. More downfield fire at the Marines causing more casualties. 

Kyle's turn knocks out a few of the advancing marines with plasma and bolters, but the squads are still going strong. Combat results in the killing of a Terminator, and the death of the Guard. ^^

After that initial combat, it was mostly jockeying for the objectives and down-range fire. I had much superior firepower, and it showed through the completion of the game. I won with 2 objectives to his zero.

Fun game with a fun opponent. Chalk up another one for the Shadow Guard.


  1. Nice Battle Report, glad to see this kind of content.


    Did you post the correct lists?
    They look a little light on points for 1500.


  2. I missed the 5 Assault Terminators in my list, and I forgot to get the extra list from Kyle. It wasn't a very well planned out Bat Rep, I just took some pictures and ran with it.

    I plan to start doing very detailed Battle Reports in the future. I also have another project I'm gonna be posting about in the future.