Wednesday, March 16, 2011

People have issues...

It always amazes me how polarized everything seems to become. Politics could never be about a mixture of ideas concerning of spectra of issues. It must be Right versus Left, Conservative vs Liberal, and Flaming, Soft Hearted Wimps vs. Hard-nosed douche money bags.

Why do I see some similar thoughts appearing in 40k? You rarely see a player that hobbies equally as hard as they game. I like to think that I try to achieve this goal, but I will admit, my painting skills are nowhere near top notch. Neither, honestly, is my strategy and gaming; however, I think I play better than most.

Regardless, with this new release of Codex: Grey Knights, people are either gleefully coming up with new lists and hobby conversions, or complaining about the beardy. Why can't people accept that certain aspects of anything bring more joy than others? There seems to be a small modicum of hypocrisy when people blame those competitive souls for ruining the fun, when competing is their version of fun.

Where does it say that you MUST play against certain opponents? Never. You have the choice to pay that entry fee and compete in that tournament. Surely, you must know that people will bring hard lists? You bitch about them enough. 

Trust me, it is incredibly easy to avoid gamers you don't have fun playing with. "No thank you" is an amazing phrase.

Now, I have no issue, whatsoever, with those who play for fun and the hobby. None. I love the fluff and painting as much as the next guy. I love to sit and just talk about interesting novels, short stories, fluff and all of that. What I have an issue with is the unnecessary poking, prodding and demeaning because I like a certain way to play my game.

Let's agree to disagree. :)

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