Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Night Lords

As readers have probably noticed, Chaos has been on the brain recently. In my thoughts, I returned to a GW creation that grabs my attention. I knew little about the Night Lords until I read Lord of the Night by Simon Spurrier. It was a different sort of 40k novel in that it had very little actual combat and war, but it contained a large amount of espionage and intrigue. The book delved into the background of the Night Lords, and all I could say was "That's bad ass."

I had thought about creating a CSM force based around this Legion, especially with all of the conversion packs and Legion specific models like the one up top. They were incredibly attractive to me in combat doctrine and in model appearance.

I was thinking about the composition of the force and what I would include. I think that Chosen, with their infiltrate rule are a definite yes. Raptors are also a definite yes. I would actually not have an issue running with the other Legions because of the Night Lords nature to bargain and backstab. Daemons are a no, however, as the Night Lords abhor the mutations. They recognize the power, but they hate its consequences. 

Would a Night Lords list be competitive? Could it be done?


  1. I think where Chaos inevitably fails is its specialists - you have pretty solid troop choices to work with, but not much else, especially if you're staying within the fluff limits.

    Not sure how you'd feel about this, but the list might work better using the standard Marine codex. Ko'Sarro's outflanking ability, Drop Pods, and Vanguard Veterans seem to represent an overwhelming surprise attack a bit better than standard Chaos.

  2. That's an incredibly awesome idea! What I really want is the modeling and fluff aspect of the Legion.

    I also considering using Blood Angels with the large amount of jump troops, but your idea is far superior.

    And hey, once the new chaos codex comes out, I'll have a ready made chaos force. :)