Thursday, March 17, 2011

Creating fluff... for advantage?

So, I have brought up this concept more than once, but I feel like it is worth taking a look at again, considering all of the talk with alternate concept Grey Knights (Pre-Heresy T-Son etc).  I want to try to more or less compact my power armor models into one force than can play multiple power armor codexes. Using my Shadow Guard paint scheme, iconography, and the bits I own, they would, in theory, be able to represent multiple chapters.

To explain this seemingly odd concept, I was thinking of some fluff in my head. In my original concept of the Shadow Guard as a chapter, their notions and tactics concerning war were held in a tome written by Drusus, their original chapter master. It was titled Para Bellum. (It had a personal kick for me because I took Latin for about 3 years, Drusus being my "Roman" name and Para Bellum means Prepare for War.) Now, somewhat expanding upon that original idea, I further developed that codification into Forms.

Each form would represent a different Power Armor codex and be given the appropriate Latin name, or normal English if there is no translation, for that animal. So Lupus= Space Wolves (That was tough :P), Aquila = Blood Angels (Jump Packs, Flying, and Speed), Leo = Dark Angels (Easy again), Rhino = Black Templar (Charge!), Ursus = Their version of codex Space Marines and my preferred play style, and Simie = Grey Knights (and Jokero too!)

In each form, the tome would acknowledge the originator of each form and attribute them appropriately. The tome would then detail how they take these differences and apply them to their force. So, Marines specializing in the Lupus form tend to wear more pelts and be more close combat oriented, Aquila take jump packs and fast vehicles, etc.  I would write this all out and be very specific in my descriptions. I think this will also help the gaming side by allowing me to be able to say, "This unit is this entry from codex: POWERz ARMER."

So, what do you all think?

PS: All appropriate bits would be used. If my Dreadnought is supposed to be a Furioso with Blood Talons and a magna grapple, he will have on the model Blood Talons and a magna grapple. Halberds will be halberds

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