Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chaos Theory: Daemon Prince

Let's hop right into our unit analysis. The Daemon Prince was once a single model of massive destruction in the 3e codex, but now it is limited in its roles and effectiveness. Base model clocks in at 110 points, with a small arrangement of wargear. WS7, S6, T5, W4, and A4 with Monstrous Creature rules. Meh. Wings are arguably a must-have upgrade for 20 points to give a 12 inch movement.

From there, you have a few different purposes you can focus your DP into. Daemon Prince with Mark of Slaneesh and Lash of Submission with Wings is an excellent combination, and it is incredibly effective in tandem with a Land Raider rush. The only trick is, you must knock some of those troops out of their transports, which they will definitely be inside.

This brings me to the second option I see with the DP and that's the Lazerz Prince. DP with Wings and the Bolt of Tzeentch for adding some tank busting power. 24" S8 AP1 shot, hopefully with Wings will allow a shot at side armor. I'm not so thrilled with this combination. The psychic test added in will make the effectiveness of the shot slightly less than optimal, not to mention any Psy Defense your opponent may have.

The final viable option is a Nurgle Daemon Prince with Wings, Mark of Nurgle, and Warptime. This is not a killer combat monster, but it can take out a combat squad or finish off a combat quickly. One may ask, "Why not Khorne Daemon Prince?" Simple: no ability to take Warptime. That power is what makes the unit combat effective. +1 Attack mathematically is not nearly as effective as re-rolls.

In terms of utility:
1: Nurgle Prince
2: Lash Prince
3: Lazar Prince

This HQ choice is an unique choice for the CSM, and certainly a good choice for a list. I think that this unit may have some sort of role in my overall list. Definitely top consideration.


  1. I know Damion(? unsure how to spell his name) runs with a 2 Princes with Spawn of Chaos or whatever its called. The fact that that spell can be cast in combat makes it very good. IMO. I forget which kind of Daemon prince gives off that power. =p

  2. I think its called Boon of Mutation? I'm not 100% sure.

    I'm not real thrilled with it. Toughness test, so there is only a 1/3 chance against MEQ. Plus its almost 30 points for the power. Psy defense and the fact that Daemon Princes get focused quickly in my mind make it less than optimal.

    And Slaneesh, Tzeentch, or Nurgle can all use it. Khorne cannot.