Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chaos Theory: Chaos Lord

The next unit I took a look at was the Chaos Lord entry. 90 points for a WS6 S4 T4 W3 A3 3+/5+ HQ slot. It is definitely the cheaper alternative to the Daemon Prince, but I am not sure of its comparative effectiveness. Overall, slower and less strong, but the IC rule allows for a much greater level of durability, especially when thrown into a squad of Plague Marines.

Looking at the Wargear options, there are only a few definite choice I would make. Without a doubt, I would give the Lord a combi-melta. Chaos, as a whole, have a severe lack of effective long range tank busting models. So, short range tank busting will have to be added as an attempt to compensate. From that point on, it depends on the army list. A Chaos Lord added to any infantry squad will give it a slight boost to combat ability and the extra melta gun too. I would say keep the Lord cheap, but somewhat effective. Daemon weapons are too random to dish out 40 points. My ideal kit would probably be Lord with Power Fist, Mark of Nurgle/Khorne and the Combi-Melta.

Space Marine Captains are a similar choice to this Lord, but are so much better. Almost identical stat line, but they have a much wider variety of weapons and a built in 4+ invulnerable save. They both play similar roles in the army, but in general the Captain will do a much better job of it, despite being slightly more expensive. As it stands, Daemon Princes are still the preferred HQ choice. (Special Characters will be analyzed at the end.)


  1. Just a thought, but does the type of Daemon weapon make a difference in your opinion? Although including one puts the Lord into the Daemon Prince price range, the Plaguebringer, Blissgiver, and Undivided Daemon weapon all seem to come with much more offensive power than a Captain, with minimal risk of taking out their wielders.

    I'm not sure the powerfist is the way to go on a Lord. It's not exactly cheap, and wastes the initiative on the Lord while exposing him to assassination.

    A Slaaneshi Lord with Blissgiver,and Combimelta comes in at the same points value as your PFist, MoN, Combimelta build and stands a better chance of clearing out infantry, monstrous creatures, and characters, most of them before they get a chance to hit back.

  2. I like it. That's not a bad idea. I was looking for a better blend of versatility between infantry and vehicles. The Blissgiver would be great for models with wounds, but not so much against vehicles.

    I will try both out in the future. Thanks for the idea!