Wednesday, March 2, 2011

6th edition?

So, on a number of Podcasts I frequently listen to, there has been some talk of 6th edition coming out in the new future. This confuses/concerns me quite a bit. It would seem that it would be the newest and coolest thing to have a brand new edition! I'm not so sure, however, and I point to DnD as the prime example.

I thoroughly love DnD 3.0/3.5. LOVE IT. It was the first RPG I played, and it really helped me to make a large group of friends. 4.0 is garbage. If I really wanted to play a game like this, I should just play an MMORPG (Which I generally don't like. See my post about my favorite game WoW). Almost all roleplay and non-combat oriented scenarios are removed or more or less eliminated. It sucks.

Whether this is a logical conclusion or not, I am worried that 40k will suffer a similar fate. GW is already a fairly non-efficient business model. With almost no sales ever and prices on the rise, there seems to be no end to their stupidity. That's just the business perspective. From a gaming company perspective, they are pretty horrible at that too. They hardly ever hold tournaments, Games Day is lame as hell, and their response to calls for new codexes or rules changes are slower than a slug in the desert.

I worry a bit for the future of 40k. I just hope that it's unfounded.

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  1. I made this prediction a few months ago. I'm less then thrilled about it, too but I think the writing's on the wall. Plus I think GW is somewhat desperate to increase sales after a lackluster 4th quarter. Releasing 3 armies in 3 months may be a response to that, too. Of course the fact that they're slowly pricing themselves out of their own market doesn't help.