Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Magic more competitive than 40k?

Hell. NO.

Magic rewards those who spend money and collect the cards. If you have $100 for a Jace the Mind Sculpter, you can do it, and tend to win lots of games. Deck building eventually becomes, what kind of awesome cards can I fit into this deck? How many Mythic Rares can I slam into 60 cards? -_-

40k, however, does not require the spooge factor. Ork players can attest that the cheap (relatively) AoBR set gives plenty of viable and great models for competitive measures. 30 boys is still 30 boys.

I am often reminded why I like 40k so much better, but I still love Magic for the casual gaming and fun. 40k is the game I dedicate myself too. =]

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