Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why I don't like World of Warcraft

So I have many friends who have played or play World of Warcraft. I played a time or two on my own, under the impression that "It's so much better." or "Dude, they changed a lot." My response to that is "yeah.. right."

World of Warcraft is quite an ingenious money making game. Everything takes SO DAMN LONG. The leveling process, while it may go faster now, is still slow as hell. Not to mention the various distractions and inefficient (in terms of leveling) dungeons. It wastes your time, holding the proverbial carrot of "endgame." Which, surprise!, is the same shit you have been doing for the past 84 levels. Awesome.

Now, many now say that the endgame is difficult again and a challenge. Well, yeah maybe, for the first 3 times you do it. However, since there are players who have no lives and don't leave the basement, they have figured out all of these moves, tricks, and schemes the NPC's do. Then, they post it on the internet. So much for the challenge. -_-.

I will say, however, that the PVP aspect of the game is incredibly entertaining. It is a challenge, and a whole lot of fun. Sadly though, you have to trudge through hours of the PVE content in order to really get to the PVP content. If leveling purely by PVP was a viable option, I may feel differently about the game.

My final complaint is the fact that Blizzard has become a huge player in the computer gaming industry. Which is totally fine, except when they are stupid. They pretty much have left the rest of their IP in the garbage, and perhaps with the exception of SC2, they have done little more than release more expansions for WoW. Even then, 60 dollars for a third of the story? Wow, Blizzard, how much harder are you gonna gouge my wallet?

I think once WoW dies, which is inevitable, the computer gaming world will be a better place.

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