Thursday, January 20, 2011

A new approach to the topic of OP in 40k

So, my good friend Seth (who should get a blog because I know he would enjoy it :P ) and I were discussing why so many people in the 40k community complain about certain codexes or units being overpowered (OP). He has been playing for as long as I have and he plays Eldar and Orks, two of those codexes that were on the 4e/5e line. He attributes the overpowered nature of certain units to the logistics aspect of 40k.

He explained the logistics as similar to modern warfare: you have more guns than the other guy, you are going to win. He compared his Eldar Guardians to Space Marines, and noted that they are not nearly as flexible or useful. Simply put, for the casual gamer, there is a greater emphasis on tactics and strategy, while the experienced player focuses on the logistics and list building. As Seth put it, better logistics equals better tactics.

Therefore, those codexes with superior logistics, will generally win more battles. Its true in modern warfare. America wins more because we have more and better guns than our opponents. In our small microcosm of a game, casual players expect a fair fight, when in reality its about "making the fight as unfair as possible." (Seth) 

After giving this concept a lot of thought, I'd have to agree with Seth. List building is the first step in creating your tactics and strategy. Tactics are secondary to logistics.

An interesting, and on point imo, analysis Seth.

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